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What Sexually Active Guys Need To Know About Chancroid

by Sexpillpros Staff

            Among the various types of sexually transmitted diseases, herpes and syphilis are the ones that are most associated with genital sores. However, a chancroid can also cause painful genital ulcers.

            Chancroid is categorized as an ulcerative sexually transmitted disease. Although the prevalence has significantly decreased in many industrialized countries, it’s still a huge concern because it plays a huge role in transmitting HIV. Find out more about chancroid and how you can avoid it.


            A highly contagious sexually transmitted disease, chancroid is caused by the bacteria Haemophilus ducreyi, which affects more men than women. The major symptom that differentiates chancroid from other STDs is that it causes necrotizing genital ulcers that are quite painful and significant in size.

            If a herpes sore is about the size of a huge pimple, a chancroid sore can grow up to 2 inches in diameter or even bigger. The problem is that a chancroid can cause your cells and tissues to necrotize or die, and it can affect a significant portion of your penis.

            When you have an ulcerative STD like chancroid, it means that the disease can penetrate through the skin of your external genitalia and cause damage to the underlying tissues. It also means that your mucosal barrier has already been disrupted, which puts you at risk of being infected with HIV.

            In fact, experts note that ulcerative diseases like chancroid increases a woman’s risk of HIV transmission by as much as 50%. The odds are even worse for men. If you have chancroid or any other ulcerative STD, your risks of HIV transmission increase by 50% to 300%.

What Sexually Active Guys Need To Know About Chancroid            Even if you don’t engage in penetrative sex with an infected partner, if your skin gets in contact with purulent lesions, then you’ll most likely get infected too. Once you get infected, the incubation period of the bacteria may last for two weeks. However, there are instances when symptoms already start appearing 5-7 days after the infection.

            You’ll notice a small papule or lesion forming at the site where your skin got infected. Within a matter of days, this small lesion will grow, erode, and become a deep ulceration that’s extremely painful. If you don’t get it treated, then the lesions may last for several weeks and even months.


            The ulcers may form on your penis, on your scrotum, or anywhere in your genital area. The size may vary but each ulcer will have a sharply defined soft center that’s grayish or yellowish-gray in color. If the ulcer is touched, it may easily bleed.

            Because of the ulcers, you may experience a lot of pain when you’re urinating or while you’re having sex or masturbating. You may also experience swelling in your groin area. In addition, your lymph nodes may also become swollen. If the swollen lymph node breaks through your skin, it can result in large abscesses.

Treatment Options

            If chancroid is treated immediately, there’s a good chance that the sores may heal without noticeable scarring. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to kill the Haemophilus ducreyi that’s causing the ulcers. The most common antibiotics prescribed for chancroid treatment include azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, ceftriaxone, and erythromycin.

            However, if the chancroid ulcers have grown in size or if your lymph nodes have become abscessed, surgery may be necessary to drain the abscess. Although this is effective in reducing the pain and swelling, you may experience noticeable scars when the ulcers heal.

            If you suspect that you may have gotten chancroid, you need to get it treated immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to more serious complications, not to mention the fact that it makes you susceptible to HIV.

            Complications arising from chancroid include infected lymph nodes and the formation of buboes. A bubo forms when the lymph nodes on one side of your groin become enlarged and fuse together. It’s usually accompanied by swelling, inflammation, and pain.

            To relieve the pain, the bubo may need to be surgically drained. If the bubo ends up getting ruptured, it can lead to a secondary infection which can further complicate things. And if you’re uncircumcised, scar tissue forming on your penis can lead to phimosis.


What Sexually Active Guys Need To Know About Chancroid            The best way to avoid getting chancroid is by always engaging in protected sex. This also reduces your chances of getting infected with other STDs. However, using a condom will only protect your penis from getting in contact with an infected lesion. Even if you’re wearing a condom, if your thighs or hands get in contact with a purulent lesion, you can still get infected.

            Hence, if your partner is infected and has not finished treatment yet, it’s best to avoid sex until after the infection has completely gone away. If you’re the one infected, try to abstain from sex until after you complete your treatment.

Protecting Your Sexual Health

            No matter how great your sexual skills are, they won’t matter much when you’re infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Before you worry about your sexual performance, you should first make sure that you’re taking care of your sexual health. Protecting yourself with a condom will definitely help keep you STD-free.

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