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The Male G-Spot and How to Find It

by Mike Stewart
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Majority of men do not buy into the idea of their prostate being touched during foreplay, or as a means to reach orgasm. However, for other men – bisexual, bicurious, and even straight men would give anything to experience that. Exploring your prostate can bring about a whole new world of unimaginable pleasures and excitement. It’s very pleasurable to the extent that most sex experts have tagged it to be the male g-spot, and you can’t say they are wrong on this one. Before we proceed, you should know that stimulating the prostate would bring a more intense orgasm than anything you have experienced before.

What is the Male G-Spot?

It is the prostate and it is positioned just about two inches into the rectum. The prostate contains almost the same number of nerve endings that you would find in a clitoris, so you can see why it is tagged the g-spot. While some men are still skeptical about trying anal stimulation, the purchase of prostate sex toys has been on the rise and it’s still currently rising. According to the manufactures of these prostate massagers, the sales of the products have increased by 56% and most of the sales were from straight men, so what are you wary about? Many men can get prostate orgasms without even involving the penis. The orgasm that comes from your prostate would leave your entire body feeling tingly. This feeling is contrary to what you would feel through regular penetration or masturbation. However, getting a prostate orgasm would require you to warm up more and put in additional energy, but it is worth it. For you to get the best out of a prostate massage, most especially if you are just trying it out for the first time, then it’s important to go through these steps.
  1. Be ReaThe Male G-Spot and How to Find Itdy
If you are going to be doing this by yourself then you need to be extra careful. Clip your nails to the shortest so you don’t hurt yourself and make sure your hands are very clean. If you are going to be trying this with a partner, then also make sure that their nails are clipped short. Always make use of a lube, because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. If when you slid something inside your rectum, you feel a sharp pain, then add more lube and go way slower this time. However, if you do not feel comfortable applying lube to your anus using your hand, then you can opt for a lube shooter, it looks more like a syringe.
  1. Do Not Rush
Before going all the way in, you need to gently massage your perineum a bit. After all, the aim is for you to experience pleasure and not pain The perineum is very sensitive, but most times it is often neglected, probably because it is positioned between the anus and testicles. Give yourself time to understand your body. You can rest your butt on a pillow while lying down, but for easy access, slightly push out your hips. You can begin massaging the perineum using your fingers and make sure you are using a lube. Gently rub your anus with the lube so you can stimulate the multiple nerve endings located there.
  1. Explore The Internal Stimulation
When you begin to feel a bit of pleasure from the external stimulation, then it’s time to put your fingers slowly into your rectum. You don’t need to go too far to feel the prostate, just about two inches in should get you there. Even if you don’t feel anything, you don’t exactly need to go higher than that, most especially if it’s your first time. Some people feel that you need to shove up your whole hand in there, relax, it isn’t done that way. You can just put in one finger, wiggle it around a bit, and apply pressure to the walls of your rectum. This would help you figure out how your body works and what you classify as pleasurable. If you are a bit scared that things could get messy, then it’s best to do this in a shower, plus make sure you use a lube.
  1. EnThe Male G-Spot and How to Find Itsure Your Are In The Mood
Lastly, if you aren’t turned on, you definitely won’t feel comfortable trying this out. When you are in the mood, your body immediately cooperates with you, contrary to when you aren’t. Being horny would make your anus more relaxed and reduce the chances of you clenching at the slightest touch. If you aren’t in the mood, maybe watching your favorite sex video would work the magic.

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