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The Guide to Having the Ultimate Orgasm

by Mike Stewart
As a man, you probably have never thought it possible to have a more intense and pleasurable orgasm than you are experiencing now. But the truth is that you can, so why settle for good when you can have something greater? With a little bit of open-mindedness and attention to detail, you can have a more pleasurable and stronger orgasm during sex. Here is just a simple guide on how to help you achieve the ultimate orgasm ever. Keep reading so that you can take up your sexual pleasure one notch higher.

Give Your Penis A Workout

You know it’s possible to get multiple orgasms in just one round of sex with your partner? Interesting right? Then it should interest you also to know that when you exercise a certain group of muscles linking to your penis, you can achieve a stronger orgasm faster. Most times, people fail to understand that kegel exercises don’t just apply to women, but men as well. Men have a pelvic floor, so when you engage in different activities, you can get all sorts of orgasmic benefits. You can perform this exercise by restricting the flow of your urine midstream. When you master the art of skillfully doing this, then you would be able to do the “squeeze technique” without using your hands.

The Squeeze Technique

Another effective way to enhance your orgasm is by practicing the squeeze technique. This process requires you to put your thumb and index finger around the top of your penis and gently squeeze it before ejaculating. Note that orgasm is different from ejaculation. Once you have perfected the squeeze technique, then you can experience an orgasm without having to ejaculate. Nailing this particular skill would bring you to the temple grail or multiple orgasms.

Toy Aroundhappy couple laying in bed

The sex toy industry has come out to inform the public that they are worth about $15 billion, so that must mean that they are doing something correctly. Although the sex toy industry indeed places the majority of the focus on women, they also have plenty of products for men. There is the cock ring, which can be tagged as the favorite sex toy of most men. You can wear this around the base of your penis, and it would stop the flow of blood out from your erection. This would further strengthen your hard-on and make you last longer when having sex. You can also go for vibrating cock rings because it can bring pleasure to you and your partner.

Open Up Your Anus

Don’t fret? It’s just by a little inch. For men, they have the hanging genitalia, but that gives for more intensive pleasure. Your prostate lies about two inches beneath the rectum, to the direction of the scrotum. You can likely locate the area externally, but to get the best feeling out of it, you would need penetration. You can start by inserting one finger into your anus; make use of lube if you’d feel better doing so. Be on the alert, and watch out for a gland the size of a walnut. There lies your target, and it is termed the “male G-spot” because of the immense pleasure it creates.

Breathe Right

The Guide to Having the Ultimate Orgasm When you breathe properly, you tend to enjoy the sex more than when you are anxious, and your heart beats in rapid and erratic paces. Deep breathing helps you involve the pelvic floor while you are having sex. Furthermore, it would help to boost circulation and cognitive. This would even help pique up your energy level and can draw you closer to your partner. All of these play major roles in having better and more enjoyable sex.

Don’t Neglect The Balls

It’s a lot easier to only focus on your penis while having sex because that’s the organ performing the most. But do you know that your body is equipped with a lot more erogenous zones than the penis? Your testicle and scrotum contain highly sensitive nerve endings, making it very sensitive to touch. Depending on your sexual preference, you may like tugging or sensual licking, whichever one works best for you, make sure to involve your testicles and scrotum in the game.

Get To The Edge

The only complaint one may have about orgasms is that they don’t get to last long. But, if you want to lengthen that time frame, then maybe you should understand what “edging” entails. This requires you to slow down just before you climax. Sure, it requires a lot of self-control, but putting yourself off would lead to a more intense and explosive orgasm.  

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