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The Fundamentals of Strength Training

by Mike Stewart
Training the body for strength is challenging but quite remarkable. However, there a lot of things to put into consideration when you are decided to finally start training for strength in your upper and lower body. Although everyone desires to get strong, not everyone can pay the price. This is not to discourage you though, but to let you know that strength training is a feat that requires consistency, commitment, dedication, and hard work. If you are not ready to submit these virtues, there’s no point getting started at all. This is so that you don’t get stalled on the way. Here’s all you need to know about strength training.

Strength Training: What does it entail?

You can imply from the term strength training that the deal is basically about gaining strength. Building up muscles and getting stronger. It’s about performing physical exercises that test your body to the limit in order to improve strength, stamina, and endurance level. Basically, it’s all about weight lifting but you just don’t go about lifting every weight you can find without taking some key things into consideration. Those are the fundamental knowledge that you need to gather before setting out to start. Even if you are a beginner, this vital knowledge is enough to prep you up for the task and make you a professional strength trainer in no time.  

Here are some of the basic things you have to know

Begin slowly on the lifts

As said earlier, this business is going to be about lifting different weights. The essence of this is to challenge yThe Fundamentals of Strength Trainingour muscles to the limit. The more weight you carry, the more you begin to build strength and endurance levels. Mind you, although the lifting aspect matters. What matters most is starting gradually on the lifts and increasing the capacity to lift more over time. Rome was not built in a day so also little drops of water make the mighty ocean. So, you don’t really have to overindulge your muscles. The consequences can be dire.  Therefore, begin with weights that you have to potential to carry. Then increase weights, reps, and sets over time gradually.  

Recovery time

This drill isn’t just about lifting and carrying all carry-ables all the time. Another fundamental thing you must give precedence is your recovery time. Weight lifting isn’t just a baby’s task, hence, from every workout session, you are bound to be tired, worn out, and exhausted. Your muscles can even go sore and stiff. It’s all normal and part of the bulking-up process. Now, what you have to do after every workout session is to take time to relax so that your muscles can heal up and be ready again for another session. It’s pointless hitting the gym every hour of every day. All you have to do is to make a plan that works for you. Ensure you create time for your recovery in your plan. It is of utmost importance.  


Another fundamental ingredient you have to take cognizance of is food. What you eat for strength building is quite important. Just like without fuel, an industrial machine cannot function, so also, without food, your body cannot sustain heavy lifting. Hence, the need to gulp down anything nutritious. You need meals that are high in cholesterol and proteins. These will help supply the necessary amount of energy your body requires for the drill. Also, you aren’t just eating, but you’d be eating plenty of nutritious food.  

Sleepsleeping comfortably

It’s been emphasized that your recovery time is quite essential to the process. Hence, one of the things you can do during recovery is sleep. You need as much sleep as you can get to build strength. It’s when you sleep that vital organs in the body perform the functions of restoration of the body back to its full strength. This is why you need enough sleep.

What about water?

Just like you need sleep and food, water cannot be removed from the equation. You need to stay hydrated. Your body needs water to function effectively and since you’d be subjecting your body to thorough weight lifting exercises, it’s only normal that the body requires more water to be able to keep the balance. Hence, drink enough water.


Stay motivated. The task might be daunting. At some point, the goal will seem unrealistic. At these times, just take a look at those who have gone before you. Of course, if they can do it, you can do it too. So, keep the positive vibe on.

Mobility and flexibility

You also need milder exercises that work on your mobility and flexibility as this will aid the weightlifting aspect of the exercise.

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