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The Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

by Mike Stewart
The Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction in Men
Only a few situations in a man’s life would ever rival the embarrassment and the humiliation that you get when you fail to perform in the bedroom. Men who have been unfortunate enough to experience erectile dysfunction at least once would tell you that it’s an experience they would not wish on anyone – but as nature would have it, men would experience erectile dysfunction at least once before they turn 50. After the age of 60, having episodes of erectile dysfunction would become so common, that men have no choice but to accept their condition, and just hope for the best.

What does it mean to have erectile dysfunction?

To put it simply, erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain and/or maintain an erection long enough to reach orgasm during sex. For men, it’s a humiliating experience, since a man’s erection represents his masculinity. Being unable to obtain an erection during sex is a telltale sign that a man is losing his masculinity, and that on its own is a painful blow to a man’s ego and confidence. It’s a common misconception that erectile dysfunction only occurs in older men. Any man, regardless of age, can experience erectile dysfunction, and it happens when you least expect it. A man can be at the peak of his health and still experience erectile dysfunction. In this article, we’ll discuss the warning signs of erectile dysfunction, and what you can do to prevent it from progressing.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

The Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction in Men It’s important to understand the dynamics of a normal, healthy erection to fully understand the reason why men experience erectile dysfunction. When men are sexually stimulated, testosterone acts as a central signaling factor that sets off various bodily functions. First, it activates neurotransmitters to release hormones that intensify your sex drive to make you feel more motivated to experience sexual pleasure. Next, the brain sends signals to the blood vessels to simultaneously contract and expand, to focus blood flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis. This forces the elastic penile tissue to engorge with blood, creating an erection. In this complex process, every step has a role to play in obtaining and maintaining an erection. A hiccup in one variable could result in difficulties in maintaining an erection. Low testosterone is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, accounting for more than 60% of erectile dysfunction cases. Low testosterone greatly reduces the body’s response to sexual stimuli, which stops the cascade of bodily functions that lead to an erection. Poor blood flow, caused by obstructions or blockages in the blood vessels could also impair your ability to maintain an erection. The entire process relies heavily on blood flow to engorge the cavernous spaces in the penis, and with insufficient blood flow, the penile tissue will not expand or stiffen, regardless if you have a strong sex drive.

The Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction does not happen overnight. In most cases, erectile dysfunction is the result of years and years of deterioration, that culminates in the complete inability to obtain an erection. Here are some of the first signs you should watch out for:

Low energy levels

If you feel constantly weak, tired, and restless, you may be experiencing the first signs of low testosterone. The loss of physical drive is one of the first signs of low testosterone, and you may want to check with your doctor to test your total testosterone levels. Testosterone is a complex hormone that affects various bodily processes and experiencing chronic weakness and fatigue may be a sign that you have low testosterone levels, which could also affect your sex drive and libido.

Weight gain and loss of muscle mass

  drunk in a bar Having a sedentary lifestyle may make you more susceptible to erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone can also be a factor that leads to weight gain and the loss of muscle mass. Being overweight or obese could severely lower your body’s testosterone production, and it can even increase estrogen levels in the body, which counteract the androgenic effects of testosterone.

High cholesterol and hypertension

High cholesterol and hypertension are telltale signs of a cardiovascular disease that could impact your blood circulation. High cholesterol could cause plaque buildup along the arterial walls, which could reduce blood flow, while hypertension is a sign that the heart is exerting more effort to pump blood throughout the body. Cardiovascular health problems could eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.  

What you can do to prevent erectile dysfunction

Securing your sexual health today could effectively prevent your eventual decline. Here are some of the things you can do to prevent erectile dysfunction:  
  1. Regular exercise
  Keeping your body active helps to improve your cardiovascular health. It also gives you the chance to reduce body fat and improve muscle mass. Even the easiest 30-minute workouts could help reduce your risk of having erectile dysfunction. Increased muscle mass also helps to improve your natural testosterone production, which supports your libido.  
  1. Get tested
  Prevention is always better than cure. Have your cholesterol levels and blood pressure regularly checked to protect your cardiovascular health. Your cardiovascular health is far more important than your sexual health, and by making the right choices to strengthen your cardiovascular health, you also reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.  
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