Posted March 20, 2017 by sexpillpros in Top Male Enhancements


Not far behind Progentra is a brand that we’ve all come to love last year. Tengenix is a male enhancement supplement that is specially designed to increase penis size and libido. While Tengenix is originally meant to provide users with 10 different benefits to the body, the brand primarily focused on increasing penis size as the focal point of the product.

Tengenix is one of the top-selling supplements last year, and that’s all because of the positive remarks that it got from the industry’s top pundits. Word about Tengenix quickly spread, and in a matter of weeks, Tengenix ran out of stocks due to the demand. According to the manufacturer, production of the product was improved to meet the demands. Now, Tengenix is still one of the top-selling brands of the year, and it showed no signs of slowing down.

Tengenix was one of the first brands to introduce real penis enlargement in an oral supplement. While the technology was already way ahead of its time, Tengenix ranks at #2 on our list only because Progentra had a bigger impact on its first few months. But if you are simply looking for a tested and reliable penis enlargement pill, you can’t go wrong with either of the two.

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