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Some of the All-Time Best Health Tips

by Sexpillpros Staff
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There are a lot of men’s health tips out there, so which ones are the best? Here are the all-time best health tips for men.

Strengthen your core

You need to have a strong core if you want to do just about anything. No matter what type of workout you are doing, it probably involves a bit of your core. So, make sure that you are strengthening your core along with everything else.

When driving, tilt up your rear-view mirror

This will help you to strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture. It can also help to ease your aching back especially if you drive a lot.

Stop eating out of the container

When it comes to foods in containers, like ice cream, make sure that you are scooping the appropriate amount into a separate bowl. This is very important because, as you probably know, it is much easier to eat the whole thing if you are eating out of the original container.

Get the colonoscopy

It is so important to get checked for colon or prostate cancer. Many men die from colon cancer yearly because they refuse to get checked. I cannot say that it is a comfortable procedure, but it is more comfortable than dying from colon or prostate cancer.

LDL cholesterol is not that important

It is, but as a single number it is not that important. It should be tested against your HDL cholesterol levels, which is your good cholesterol. When you are looking for risk of heart disease, you should take into account your HDL and LDL cholesterol levels to get an accurate measurement of your risk.

A golf ball can keep you from snoring

Kind of a weird trick, but if you tape a golf ball to the back of your pajamas, you can stop snoring. This will force you to sleep on your stomach or your sides. Sleeping on your back is generally what causes snoring because it blocks your airways. Back sleeping can cause other problems than just snoring also.

freshly brewed green teaGreen tea is good for you

Green tea is full of antioxidants and can help you lose weight. Even if you do not like tea, you should try to find a brand of green tea that you can tolerate. It can help to prevent prostate cancer and lower your risk for heart disease.

Compliment your partner

A happy relationship is good for your health. Making sure that your partner is happy, will make you happy as well. It will reduce stress at home and help you to stay calm. This can help to reduce blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Plus, they will be glad to know that you care about them.

Use balls

When you work out, you should be using an exercise ball. This is a great way to get in workouts that work your muscles that are harder to work. It will also help to work your core along with your legs and arms. The exercise ball is a great way to get a full body workout.

Instead of blowing your nose, wipe

When you blow your nose, especially when you are sick, it causes germs to go back into your nasal passages. This will only make your sickness longer. It also makes mucus reenter your nasal passages, so it will only cause you to need to blow your nose again. So instead of blowing, wipe.

Bicycle your way to abs

Bicycle crunches are the best ab workout out there. If you are looking to build up your core muscles, you will need to add bicycle crunches to your workout routine. They are also excellent at burning calories.

The stall closest to the door is the least used

Almost everyone, including yourself, walk past the first bathroom stall. This stall generally has less germs because less people use it. You are also almost guaranteed to have toilet paper every time because it is used infrequently.

man playing with his dog and happy Everyone needs a pet

Whether you are a dog person, cat person, turtle person, whatever you may be, everyone needs a best friend. Pets help to reduce stress and are a constant in your life that everyone needs. By the way, pets are more effective at reducing stress than other human beings are so if you are constantly under stress, even a pet fish can help.

Get rid of your gut fat

If you haven’t already noticed, a lot for these tips revolve around your gut. This is because the extra weight that you carry around your belly can be very detrimental to your health. Belly fat lets toxins into your vital organs, so belly fat literally kills. You can help to reduce belly fat by eating six small meals a day instead of big ones. It will help you to stop overeating.

HIIT workouts are best

When you are working out, the best way to lose weight and stay healthy is by doing high intensity workouts (HIIT). This has your body doing intensive activity for short periods of time with short periods of time of rest in between. It also cuts time off your workout, so you spend less time in the gym.

Eat the bacon

Fat is not what makes you fat. What makes you fat is eating too much. Although the fats found in bacon are not necessarily great for you, if you are not eating too much it will not make you fat. One thing you should do is pat off the grease, as the grease can sit in your arteries and cause problems after a period of time.

Get your promotion

One way to reduce stress at work is to forget about your competition. You need to go into work daily and do your job the best way you can. Forget about all the other things that come into play when it comes to a promotion, because the only way that you can save yourself from stress is to forget about those things. It does not matter what someone else is doing, all that matters is that you are doing your job.

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