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Should you take Supplements with ED Drugs?

What are the consequences of taking supplements with ED Drugs? You have probably learned by now that supplement manufacturers are…

What are the consequences of taking supplements with ED Drugs?

You have probably learned by now that supplement manufacturers are consistently competing with each other for their customers. Competition is healthy, especially for supplements. It inspires innovation, it helps even out the product pricing for everyone.

Sometimes, competition can get the best of anyone. Some supplement manufacturers came up with a way to make their products appear effective, and that’s by using prescription erectile dysfunction drugs on their formulas.

What’s the difference between supplements and drugs?

The main distinction between supplements and drugs is that drugs are more strictly regulated by the government because of the potential for abuse, and also the health risks involved. Erectile dysfunction drugs are not classified as a regulated drug, but it requires a prescription to buy. Erectile dysfunction meds require a prescription because it can interfere with some drugs that you might be taking, and some individuals may not be in the appropriate state of health to use the drug.

Supplements, on the other hand, are loosely regulated. In a way, supplements are viewed as food items by the FDA. The regulation on supplements are more in the way of how supplements are marketed, instead of what’s inside the pill. As a rule of thumb, supplements are not allowed to be marketed as a cure for a certain type of illness, nor a solution for a certain health problem.

Should you take supplements that contain erectile dysfunction drugs?

The FDA regularly inspects supplements if they contain ingredients that are not included in the ingredient list that they publish, and if the FDA finds out that there’s something amiss, you can expect a bulletin to warn the public about it. The problem with the warning, however, is that the public thinks that the FDA warning is somehow a confirmation that the product works, since many individuals only turn to male enhancement supplements as an alternative to erectile dysfunction drugs.

Having a prescription drug on a supplement formula is just as dangerous as it is irresponsible. Not everyone has access to the information that could warn them against potential health risks of taking the supplement, and it can greatly affect an individual’s health if they ingest something that they are not aware of.

The ramifications of putting an erectile dysfunction drug on a supplement are endless. Just imagine being allergic to an ingredient that is not declared on the supplement profile, and doctors would have a hard time figuring out how to deal with the allergen without knowing where the allergen is coming from.

Despite the health risks, some people take results over risks. Drugs are more expensive, and supplements offer an alternative. However, there’s no reason for us to believe that erectile dysfunction drugs on a supplement is just as effective as an actual drug, simply because the cost to manufacture the supplement would drive prices up, and not down.

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