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Should I try a Juice Cleanse? The Pros and Cons

by Sexpillpros Staff

When choosing to lose weight through dietary meals, there are many options to consider. Some diets include the vegan diet, the zone diet, the Atkins diet and others. While these diets choose to focus in on the foods a person eats and either reduces the amount of certain carbohydrates or take all animal products out of a diet. One thing is for certain diets like these are strict and have to be enforced over time.

While some people may see that as a challenge others may see that as intimidating; however, whatever the circumstances are there is always a diet that fits perfectly to a person’s needs. A diet like a juice cleanse, for example, may be looked upon as a healthier alternative to these rigid diet plans. But is a juice cleanse a heavenly product of the diet world or is it a facade among the consumer market? Here are the pros and cons of a juice cleanse:

A Decrease in Bloating

Juice cleanses can help with bloating. Conducting a juice cleanse that lasts three to four days will make a person feel in tip-top shape. A juice cleanse is optimal before summer vacations, cruises, and trips in order to make a person feel their best for their big night or week.

Healthy Food Choices

While taking a juice cleansing a person will actively avoid unhealthy foods in order to stick to their juice cleanse. The avoidance of unhealthy foods will allow a person to make the same decision in the future. Therefore, the future decision is crucial since it determines whether a new pattern of healthy decisions will take place or whether old ways of eating will creep back.  If more healthy decision are made, then it’s more likely that a person will lose weight due to the after effect of the juice cleanse. However, if old unhealthy ways of eating surface then it’s unlikely that weight will be lost as an after effect of the juice cleanse.

Increase in Fruit and Vegetables

Should I try a Juice Cleanse? The Pros and ConsSince a juice cleanse will involve many fruits and vegetables, it will increase a person’s diet and overall quality of health. Therefore, a person may feel many benefits from a juice cleanse like improved focus and refined memory. Since fruit and vegetables have many vitamins and nutrients in them, they are excellent for the body. With a juice cleanse a person can try a variety of fruits and vegetables. There are so many brands available in the local health store or grocery store that sell a diversity of options that everyone will love.

Decreases Produce Waste

If someone wants to make their own at home, then juices are perfect for this occasion. Simply choose produce that’s a bit past its best quality and throw that into a juicer. Produce like that makes for the best juices and also helps to cut the cost with expenses. There is no need to buy fancy produce or juice bottles when there is a nice banana on a shelf and a juicer in a cabinet at home.

Easy To Make and Ready on the Go

Not to mention juices are easy to make. If running behind and need a quick breakfast pop some produce into a juicer and drink on the way to work. With a simple cup, juices are easy to carry and ready to be filled whenever possible. Unlike other diets where critiques have to be made to orders with a juice cleanse one can stop at a local grocery store or home and pick up dinner with a simple cup!

Side Effects

While there are benefits to juices cleanses there are also side effects like most things. Some common side effects include dizziness, headaches, irritability, and nausea. A juice cleanse while it sounds creative and fun can also be very taxing on the body. A person’s body is used to having up to three meals a today containing protein, grains, dairy, and vegetables. But that’s all being substituted for fruits and vegetables which can overtime take a toll on the body system. That’s why it’s recommended that a juice cleanse only last for three to four days.

Only Lose Water Weight

Should I try a Juice Cleanse? The Pros and ConsWith a juice cleanse a person will not lose fat but just water weight. While a person will see a decrease in bloating they will not see a reduction in fat, a juice cleanse does not target fat only water weight. Therefore, most people put back the weight once they finished a juice cleanse. The decisions afterward are more critical than on the juice cleanse since they decide about the healthy options one would make.

Does Not Detoxify the Body

The body does not need to be detoxified. The organ and body systems that run our high function bodies have evolved over centuries to need only medicine and natural care. While a juice cleanse may make the body feel refreshed and restored it does not detoxify the systems of the body.

Can Be Expensive

When buying juices at a local grocery store or health store the prices can be high. One bottle or two is not noticeable, but four or five is pushing it. Over time, that money can add up, and suddenly a person is spending an outrageous amount on a product this is not even helping lose actual fat. At some grocery stores, even the produce is costly. That’s why it good to pick and choose. Look for bargains and find coupons for specific sale items. That way when doing juice cleanse money is not something that must be worried about.

A juice cleanse may be suited to the circumstances needed to fit a diet for an individual. However, everyone is different and therefore juice cleanses may not work for everyone. If interested in starting a juice cleanse a person should go to a local grocery store or health store today, however, check with a doctor before any dietary changes occur.

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