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Reviewing Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer

by sexpillpros

General Idea

Ultimate Mass Gainer is a fitness supplement manufactured by the company Gifted Nutrition. Generally, supplement manufacturers offer products that can build muscle mass to meet the high demand coming from athletes and bodybuilders. Such supplements commonly deliver great contents of calories and protein suitable for people who want to develop larger physiques. Since there are many products out there like this one, it is crucial that we evaluate to see if Ultimate Mass Gainer is really a value for money or not.

What are the Components?

Reviewing Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer Muscle-building products typically contain simple composition of ingredients. Usually, there has to be high content of protein, carbs, and a minimum of 1,000 calories in every serving. Approximately, this should be equivalent to one cup. As for Ultimate Mass Gainer, the good news is that it meets the standard when it comes to proper dose of the components. It has 1,250 calories in a 1.2 cup-serving. It also contains 250 grams of carbs, which are delivered via maltodextrin. This is a typical source of carbohydrate in products. The product also consists of impressive quantity of protein – 50 grams of protein from whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, and casein. Each one of the aforementioned proteins has a particular purpose. First is the whey concentrate, which is the most usual protein that is found in supplements. It is digested and assimilated after four hours. Second is isolate, which is the most wholesome form of protein, featuring a medium release. Third is the hydrolysate, which delivers amino acids right away. It is disintegrated quickly in order to provide protein instantly. Lastly is the casein, which consumes around eight hours before it can be amalgamated. The manufacturer can lower the quality of the supplement by just incorporating 50 grams of whey concentrate. But because they want Ultimate Mass Gainer to be effective, they utilized a full assortment of proteins in order to hold up muscle development throughout the day. This only proves that Gifted Nutrition is devoted in providing a supplement of premier quality.

Ultimate Mass Gainer Price

Reviewing Gifted Nutrition Ultimate Mass Gainer As of this writing, there’s no price yet because Ultimate Mass Gainer hasn’t been launched. Online retailer eSupplements.com said that the product will be available soon. We’re assuming that Ultimate Mass Gainer’s cost will be the same as other high-end supplements for building muscles.

Flavors Offered

Gifted Nutrition announces that there’s only verified flavor, which is chocolate.

Bottom Line

Ultimate Mass Gainer is one of those products that really shows promise. It contains high-quality components composed in more than sufficient dosages. The ingredients are also totally pure with no inclusion of fillers and other detrimental chemicals. Generally, Ultimate Mass Gainer seems to be a decent supplement for increasing muscle mass. Since it’s still a new supplement, there’s still information we have yet to learn.

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