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Research Says, More Sleep Could Lead to Better Sex

by Sexpillpros Staff
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Do you feel like you cannot remember the last time that you have been intimate with your partner? Have you just recently started going through all those annoying menopause symptoms? Are you suffering from vaginal dryness, insomnia, weight gain etc.? Do you think that these symptoms might be the reason why you have stopped spending time in bed with your partner? Actually, that is true, meaning that there really is a relation between your menopause symptoms and your forgotten sex life.

It is all about one symptom in particular, as a recent study confirms – we are talking about your insomnia. A study that we are going to talk about later actually revealed that there is a solid relation between your sleep cycle and sex life and how sleeping more can actually improve your sex life in no time. So, the question now is – are you ready to sleep more in return for a better sex life? Yes, that sounds a bit odd, especially when your body is actually requiring some rest in return for enjoyable moments spent with your loved one.

About the study

The study was conducted by researchers working in the North American Menopause Society. For the purposes of this study, information about 93 668 women aged 50 to 70 years was gathered. Examining all the participants, it was discovered that the insomnia prevalence was 31%. Of all women, 56% reported that they were not fully satisfied with their sex life and 52% reported partnered sexual activity in the last year. However, all women reported to experience difficulties related to their sleep cycle.

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Their sayings helped in concluding that short sleep cycles – under 7 hours of sleep each night, are related to the low sexual activity. On the other hand, the study also showed that women who sleep better are more satisfied with their sex life. The researchers did also offer a few solutions to this problem. There are a lot of solutions that you can try to get rid of insomnia and the other menopause symptoms that might interfere with your sex life. One example that the researchers gave is hormone therapy that can help overcome those menopause symptoms more easily and help you enjoy the time with your partner more.

You can also try some of the most efficient herbal remedies for insomnia as well as some techniques for calming your body and mind such as yoga and meditation. In addition, the study also showed that after a proper treatment plan for their insomnia was followed, these women successfully did recover from their bad sexual experience by improving their sex life.

How are your sleep cycle and sex life related?

Think about it – sleep is one of our body’s basic requirements along with food and water. We all know what happens when we enter a phase of insomnia and lack of sleep. We start to feel tired, lose concentration, we get irritated by the smallest, meaningless things etc. And when you think about it, it is almost natural not to be ready to spend a few moments with your loved one when you are in that state. And what happens when on top of that you also have to deal with weight gain, depression, vaginal dryness and the other most common symptoms of menopause?

Do you now understand how your sleep cycle and sex life are related? It is simple – when you feel the negative effects of a night or nights spend awake, the last thing that you would want is to spend more energy in the bedroom with your partner. This process can be especially difficult if your partner is following an erectile dysfunction treatment at the same time. But insomnia does not only increase the risk for low sex life, it also increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases. So how to solve this? This answer is very simple as well – you simply have to look for the remedy that will help you beat insomnia!


happy couple in the morningHave you been having problems in your sex life lately? Do you also have problems when it comes to your sleeping habits? Have you been experiencing insomnia? Did you ever stop to think that your insomnia might be the problem that your libido is so low lately? Well, guess what? A study was done by the North American Menopause Society actually confirms the relation between insomnia and sex life, concluding that insomnia and short sleeping cycles can be the reason why you are experiencing low libido, especially if you are in your menopausal period. And because it is as simple as that – sleeping more and enjoying your high sexual drive more, what you need to do is look for a remedy that will help you return to your normal sleeping schedule.

Not to worry, this is also recommended for men that are fighting their low testosterone levels since sleep is considered to help increase testosterone levels in male. So, what we recommend you to do is go to your doctor and ask for help if you are dealing with insomnia or any sleeping troubles in general. Do not risk to decrease the quality of your intimacy with your partner. Plus, you will surely enjoy the moments spent resting as you let sleep repair all the damages that were done to your body the previous day.

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