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Quit Slouching: Correct Your Posture with These Tips & Tricks

by Sexpillpros Staff
man sitting and slouched over computer
We’ve all developed the horrible habit of having bad posture at one point or another. And once we have that bad posture, it’s like we’re addicted to it; We don’t know how to constantly remind ourselves to stand or sit nice and tall.

But this habit affects us in more ways than one:

  • If we’re slouched, we look sluggish and lazy to others around us
  • If we’re slouched, our health can be greatly compromised (specifically our bone and muscle health)
  • If we’re slouched, our moods can be altered, in turn leaving us irritable and annoyed

So why don’t we stop this nonsense? Why don’t we straighten out our backs when we’re walking, standing, and sitting? Because it’s easier said than done. But check out my tips and tricks to getting and maintaining a great, straight posture.

Go out and get a Wii Fit.

I understand this may not be an option for everyone considering this gaming system can be a tad pricey, but if you can get it, go out and get it. You can even check out a pawnshop to get the system if you’re on a budget.

The gaming system helps with balance and activity. It keeps you up and moving around each and every day. Some users have claimed that using the game actually improved their posture extremely quick (one person stated it took a week to straighten out their back).

And if you really can’t afford it any time soon, try standing up a little more each day. Standing up instead of sitting will get you on your way to a better posture in as little as five days.

Test your posture out whenever you can.

man corrects posture from slouchingTesting your back and neck posture is easy, all you need is a wall! Put your back up against the nearest wall, separate your feet approximately a foot and a half apart (so that your weight is evenly balanced), and stand up as straight as you can. When your back is aligned with the wall is when you’ve achieved a near perfect posture.

Test it out once or twice a day to make sure you’re standing straight and even. The good thing about this exercise is that it only takes a few seconds!

Try out a yoga class.

Yoga helps out with core strengthening, and this is a key aspect of maintaining a solid posture. In addition to helping out with posture, yoga also teaches you how to balance your weight properly, and how to be aware of whether your posture is where it needs to be or not.

You can also try out a Pilates class. Either will work just fine.

When you sit, sit at a 135-degree angle.

I know this may sound strange, but if you sit at an office desk every day, try sitting at a 135-degree angle. This will require you to recline your chair back a little bit more than usual, but it’s worth it. And, doing this will put a lot less strain on your spine.

But I understand if you don’t want to be lying back at your office every day. It may get too comfy, and you may not want to leave (and you may want to fall asleep in the middle of your work day). So, if something like this doesn’t seem doable, check out the other tips and tricks below.

Adjust your posture all the time.

It’s not just when we’re sitting down that we need to think about our posture. We need to maintain a good posture while driving, while standing, while walking, and while sleeping (as best we can).

Certain circumstances can be avoided, though. For instance, acquiring a good posture technique while sleeping will require you to purchase the right mattress and the best pillow for your neck.

Tip: When building or remodeling your kitchen, adjust the countertops accordingly so that you don’t have to hunch over when cooking or eating.

Learn how to breathe the right way.

man slouched while walking outdoorsI know that this statement may sound rude, but it’s not meant to be. How we breathe can affect our posture, believe it or not. If you breathe the right way, and contract and relax your diaphragm the right way, your spine will be lengthened (as it should be while breathing).

Try learning some good breathing techniques and exercises to ensure that your spine is lengthened the right way. If you can also learn how to use your waist muscles while breathing, you’ll be better off, too.

Check out some apps and their suggestions.

Many apps can help you learn how to maintain a good and proper posture. Sometimes we forget to keep at our great posture, but there’s an app to help with that (reminders are always good). There are also apps out there that will keep an eye on you and make sure you are standing straight all the time. For example, when you’re slouching, it’ll make sure you know to stop that nonsense by sending you alerts!

Hold your electronics the right way.

I know, you’re probably wondering what the right way is to hold your electronics. You probably didn’t know there was a wrong way, but there is.

When you pick up your phone and look down to answer a text or phone call, you’re straining your neck. This does not help with good posture, it actually promotes bad posture (because then you get lazy and keep up the habit). Instead, hold the phone straight in front of you to read or answer that message.

All of these options are great recommendations to getting you closer to that perfect posture. Try doing more than one, if possible. This will increase your chances of getting and maintaining a straight and healthy back.

By Jenny Lyn

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