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Prosvent Review: Is it worth it?

by sexpillpros
Prosvent Review: Is it worth it?

Prosvent Analysis

Recent studies revealed that 30 million men have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Going on 80% of the entire male population, aged 60 and above, are coping with some sort of prostate issue. Prosvent is said to be created to rectify this seeming epidemic which includes BPH, acute prostatitis, prostatic cancer, and many others. The claim is that is can bring relief to those suffering from the symptoms of these conditions. The manufacturer’s name is also Prosvent and their team leader is a Harvard Medical School graduate named Dr. Lawrence May.Prosvent claims that this formula promotes a healthy prostate protecting is against cancer as well as treat existing conditions and its accompanying symptoms. They state that this is the most protective prostate health supplement on the market.

Prosvent Properties and Functions

Prosvent Review: Is it worth it?

The member of phytosterols called Beta-Sitosterol is a plant derivative. It can kick the libido into gear and reduce the size of an enlarged prostate.Saw Palmetto has been used in promoting male health for hundreds of years. It too is said to decrease an enlarged prostate and prevent a specific type of prostatic cancer related to hormones.Stinging Nettle is an ancient Asian medicine and its use in men’s health is well-known. While the precise mechanisms are not quite clearly understood, but it decreases the size of an enlarged prostate through five different pathways. Pygeum Africanum also offers powerful phytosterols which promote an anti-proliferative function in cancer cells of the prostate. It is said to relieve difficulties urinating as well.Pumpkin Seed oil has recently been in the scientific lime light and has been found to reduce 1/3 of the size of an enlarged prostate. It prevents specific hormone conversions which shields it against further growth. Vitamin D has shown an ability to prohibit aggressiveness in prostatic cancers and block tumorigenesis. Lycopene has been recommended for protecting the health of the prostate for a number of years now.Those diagnosed with prostate disorders are often diagnosed with zinc plasma and tissue deficiencies as well. Prosvent makers say that consumers should take one of their capsules two times a day.

Prosvent Credits and Debits

Prosvent Review: Is it worth it?

Prosvent Credits

Scientific trials have been completed for the effectiveness of individual components. A Harvard Medical School graduate is in charge of the design program. Feedback, for the most part, is very good. There is a reimbursement offered for unhappy consumers.

Prosvent Debits

No scientific studies have been performed on the combination in this formula. There are a large number of negative customer comments. Consumers only have 30 days to decide whether it is worth the money or not. This product is on the expensive side of the price fence.


There are many supplement distributor sites that carry Prosvent. It can also be purchased through Amazon or on the company website. It is about $60 for a bottle containing 60 capsule and a single bottle is a month’s supply.

Last Vote

There are no studies on the prost market product, but there is for each ingredient. There are a number of both satisfied and dissatisfied consumers. Those who are not happy seem to be upset with customer service. There is only a 30-day window to make a decision about it. It does not appear to be a smart choice.

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