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Progentra – The Best Penis Enlargement Pill

Top Male Enhancement Pick

Our top pick on the list should be no surprise to anyone. What websites hadn’t featured Progentra? Since its release earlier this year, every supplement review website has had their take on the new product – and rightfully so. Progentra had distributed samples to critics, experts, and average joes way before they released their product. It should be no surprise to anyone that by the time Progentra went public, the critics already know what they are talking about.


The reviews for Progentra are nothing short of phenomenal. It’s one of the few products that have proven that supplements can actually make an impact on penis size. We’ve had legitimate penis enlargement pills before, but none have reached the level that Progentra was able to achieve with its formula. Progentra uses a simple synergistic concept for its all-natural formula. The idea is to use ingredients which can boost the effectiveness of another ingredient in the formula. Overall, the effects vs standalone supplements are quadrupled, and the results shortly follow through.


Uses a combination of aphrodisiacs, vasodilators, and hormone stabilizers to make penis enlargement possible. While most brands use aphrodisiacs and vasodilators at the same time, Progentra has tweaked the typical formula in a way that the aphrodisiacs are perfectly timed and aligned with the effects of the vasodilators, to push more blood to the penis. As a result, users can obtain a bigger penis in just a span of 14 days from the first dose. Progentra earned our top spot on the list because of the technology, popularity, and repeat buyers. Undoubtedly, Progentra is the best male enhancement supplement available today.


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