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Progentra Review – Is it the Best Male Enhancement Pill?

Progentra Male Enhancement Pills Summary Progentra is a top-end male enhancement pill that use premium ingredients to get you huge…

Over the years, we have come to embrace our roles as the supplement police, together with a myriad of other supplement review websites. The objective remains the same, which is to provide our readers with an honest review of the products available to them. We have tagged certain products that we think are dangerous, and eventually were included by the FDA in its tainted sexual health supplements list, and we have exposed some products for their scamming techniques. In the end, the ultimate goal is to answer the most common question we get. What’s the best male enhancement pill?


One might think that the male enhancement industry is chock full of fake supplements, but every once in a while we see over the counter nonpresciption male enhancement pills that work and get products that are really worthy of praise. One great example of that is Progentra. Progentra is one of the newer players in the male enhancement market, but so far, Progentra reviews are some of the best we’ve seen for male enhancement pills over the counter. From critics to real customers, everyone seems to be having the time of their lives while on Progentra. In this review, we’ll discuss every aspect of Progentra, from Progentra ingredients to Progentra results.

What you need to know about Progentra

Bottle of Progentra OTC Male Libido Enhancement SupplementsProgentra is a male enhancement supplement that is mainly formulated to be a penis enlargement solution along with libido enhancement, and increased sexual stamina. The industry is riddled with products that claim penis enlargement benefits, while only a few remotely scratch the surface of real penis enlargement. Progentra claims that it has the cutting-edge formula to make penis enlargement a reality. Although many leading websites suggest that we do not have the technology yet to make penis enlargement happen, Progentra cites several legitimate scientific sources to prove that penis enlargement can actually work, and that it has discovered a real method to make it a reality.

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Skepticism is standard protocol when it comes to reviewing male performance supplements, and we’re always skeptical when reviewing supplements that claim to achieve something that has never been done before. That’s why we were certain that we would find something wrong with Progentra, but to our surprise, we found none. The science, formula, and ingredients are all bulletproof. As far as Progentra side effects are concerned, we were surprised to find that Progentra has that covered as well. Progentra has given us something that is really remarkable – a penis enlargement pill with confirmed results, bulletproof science, and virtually zero side effects.

Progentra ingredients

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The winning formula of Progentra male enhancement pills is all because of the perfect selection of ingredients. The ingredients are specifically selected due to the observed synergy between the ingredients. Check out the individual Progentra ingredients that result in penis enlargement, male libido enhancement and an increase in sexual stamina:


L-Arginine acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide, which causes the dilation of blood vessels. Nitric Oxide combines with GMP to create cGMP, which relaxes the smooth muscles and allow an increased volume of blood to flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis. L-Arginine is the key ingredient that sets the conditions for penis enlargement to occur.

Progentra ingredients label


Tongkat Ali performs three critical tasks in the formula as it provides support for vasodilation, improves libido and testosterone, and improves the quality of erections. Tongkat Ali is absorbed in a delayed-release manner that allows it to remain active for at least 24 hours.


Horny Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium, improves libido and maximizes the vasodilation effects of the formula by acting as a PDE-5 inhibitor. Horny Goat Weed contains Icariin, which increases testosterone, penis size, sex drive, and sexual performance.

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Tribulus terrestris acts as a libido enhancer and testosterone booster. The role of tribulus terrestris is to synergize its testosterone-boosting capabilities with the other testosterone boosters in the formula.


Maca root helps to stabilize hormones and allow the user to experience more frequent, more intense erections. Maca root reduces the effects of the refractory period, which greatly diminishes the ability of the user to experience sexual arousal following an orgasm.


Muira Puama allows to rapidly enhance the user’s libido in just minutes after taking the first dose. Muira Puama acts as the fast-acting component of Progentra that allows the formula to act as a fast-release formula.

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Damiana acts as a natural aphrodisiac that rapidly increases free testosterone, which subsequently affects libido, sexual endurance, and sexual performance. Damiana works hand in hand with the other testosterone boosters in the formula to create a long-lasting libido-boosting effect.


Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa acts as a support PDE-5 inhibitor to maximize the effect of vasodilation. Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is traditionally used as an herb to prevent erectile dysfunction. Its role in the formula is to prolong the increased flow of blood to the cavernous spaces in the penis.


Butea superba works as an androgen that rapidly increases testosterone levels in the formula to increase libido, size, performance, and stamina. Butea superba ensures that the body has maximum levels of testosterone at all times to prepare for sexual activity any time during the effective period of the formula.

You’d be happy to know that all of these ingredients check out quite well. Some of these ingredients are familiar to us, as these have been used before in several male enhancement supplements. We have also independently verified through numerous reputable sources that the boasted ingredient synergy of Progentra actually has a sound scientific basis. Not only does Progentra provide a robust formula, it has made the science behind the ingredients easy to understand and confirm.

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Progentra side effects

One of the things that we love about Progentra is the focus it has given on health safety. Progentra’s SYNER-BOOST formula minimizes the risk for side effects by greatly reducing the formula’s dependency on vasodilators to create the conditions needed for penis enlargement.

Progentra works heavily on improving blood flow, and while it is generally safe for healthy individuals, men who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses are advised to seek the advice of their health professional before taking Progentra or any other supplement. Supplements like Progentra may interact with maintenance medication at times, and just to be sure that you are on the safe side, talk to your doctor to know if taking supplements is the right decision for your health.

Progentra results

Progentra has one of the most compelling formulas ever assembled for male enhancement supplements. What’s even more impressive is that it offers a comprehensive solution for all your men’s Bottles Of Progentra Male Enhancement Pillssexual health needs such as:


The intense expansion of penile tissue is made possible by the increased blood flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis. With Progentra, you can expect a significant increase in penis length and girth in just 2-3 weeks.


Progentra combines PDE-5 inhibitors with vasodilators to provide a wider, unobstructed pathway of blood to the penis to improve the quality of erections. This is further intensified by the increase in libido and testosterone, which further increases the pressure of blood that flows to the penis.


The refractory period is a period after having an orgasm when the individual no longer feels the sexual urge. This is caused by a sharp decline of testosterone. With Progentra, the effects of the refractory period is reduced, enabling the user to experience as much orgasms as he wants.


With a larger penis size, improved libido, and a lasting sexual endurance, Progentra users would have everything they need to share pleasure with their partners. No other male enhancement supplement would give you the advantage of being able to attain pleasure and share it with your partner.

Progentra size does matter statistics

Progentra gives us an all-in-one solution in a power-packed daily male enhancement supplement. While other brands try to sell us with three or four different pills just to get what we want, Progentra packs it all in just one serving – and it WORKS. Just think about all the dollars you can save by buying one product instead of one.

The best part is, everything is covered by Progentra’s money back guarantee – and you have 90 days to decide whether or not Progentra works for you. If not, just give them a call and they will process your refund without much hassle to you. Personally, I prefer products that do not shy away from giving their customers guarantees so their customers can make a confident buying decision.

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As we always say, if your product works, it would sell itself – and Progentra is just the perfect example. We have not seen much of the ads that promote Progentra, but if there are any, we would guess that what they spend on advertising is not close to what the other brands do. What they have done with the formula is simply something that other brands should take note of. As customers, we choose the product that works, and not the one with the better advertising hook. After all, these are health supplements, and we need products that we can trust, like Progentra, to give us our money’s worth.

Progentra has radically changed the name of the game in male enhancement supplements. It would not be surprising if the other brands copy what Progentra has to offer. Most of you who have stumbled in our page had only one question – does Progentra work? It does – and now you know why.

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