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The Effectiveness: With less than an inch increase of girth and length, it's not very effective.
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You'll see results, but probably less than an inch of length and girth. Ingredients are also high quality.


Only saw less than an inch of girth and length increase. Taking 3 pills every morning is a lot. Return policy is sketchy.

Bottom Line

I wouldn’t waste your time with this product. It’s not worth your time and money, especially when you need to pop a handful of pills every morning like a junky just to see minimal results. You’ll find that many, many customers online report similar results, with some sites giving it an overall score of 2.0/5.0 or less!

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Full Review

Grade: D-

Zytenz is the biggest load of crap you’ll ever buy in your life. It’s so bad that I ended up throwing the entire bottle in the garbage after a month of using it. If you enjoy taking sugar pills, this product will be right up your alley. If you’re like 99% of men, you’ll want actual results, and this product doesn’t offer any.

Zytenz – Full Review

Where you see it:

Zytenz is all over the Internet, which may create an illusion that this product is awesome. News flash: all of these websites saying Zytenz is amazing were created by the Zytenz company itself. It’s all a big ruse to steal your money.

Its claims:

Zytenz claims to be the best natural male enhancement product around. Yeah, it’s not. All of the terrible male enhancement products claim that they’re the best product in the world, but the reality is that they’re worse than bad. They’re terrible.

But they do offer a money-back guarantee when you find out that this product really, really sucks.

The reality:

Zytenz is such a bad product that it’s amazing that it even got out of the testing phase. Business 101 says you need to have an actual product that works before, you know, you start selling it to the public.

They skipped right by all business ethics classes and went straight to the “we’ll lie and make money” phase. This company is very scummy, and you shouldn’t give them any of your money.


You can buy Zytenz at $39.95 from its website. One bottle is good for 30 day supply. Added to the price is the flat-rate shipping fee of $5.95. The website also offers catchy promotion which includes 2 bottles for just $69.95 plus free bottle of Zytenz serum and 3 bottles for $99.95 with free 3 bottles of Zytenz serum and free shipping.

So really, they’re offering you more junk to think you’re getting your money’s worth.


Grade: D-

Zytenz is so horrible that my fingers are struggling to find the rights word to describe it. Yeah, it’s that bad. Not only is it on the upper-end of the price spectrum, but it doesn’t even work to boot. At the end of the day, chalk this one up to a company looking to trick people and make a quick buck before falling off the face of the earth with money bags in hand.

Don’t give these sleezeballs the time of day. Stay as far away from this product as possible. I warned you!

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