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Zyrexin Review

Don’t buy Zyrexin. Save your money for stuff that actually works. You know, things like light bulbs and electric razors. Those things actually work. Zyrexin does not do what it says it does, so I cannot recommend that you buy it.

Manufacturer: Superbalife International, LLC

Online orders:
Phone orders: 1-800-301-4027

Superbalife International, LLC is one of the more popular manufacturers of male enhancement products. They’ve been around for an extremely long time, and you’ve probably come across a product or two of theirs without even knowing it. Considering its lengthy list of products, from Zyrexin to Zyatropin, you’d imagine that its customer service, ingredient sourcing, and claims of ‘getting bigger’ would be valid.

Unfortunately, as you’d expect from a company that values quantity over quality to pump out as many products as possible, the overall quality of its products just isn’t there. After 12 hours, I barely noticed anything. When you compare it to less expensive products that do more like Formula 41 Elite, you see the effects in under an hour.

We’re not quite sure why their quality isn’t up to par, but that’s not our job. Our job is to review this thing. So let’s go into the specifics.


It’s alright.

ZyrexinThe outside packaging envelope that it shipped in is very cheaply made. It almost feels like the kind you buy in the bargain bin for five cents each.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things the shipping container isn’t that big of a deal, but it makes you question the integrity of the company when it can’t even spend a few more pennies on professional packaging.

Once you get past the outside package, you’re greeted with a bottle with a badly printed label, a shipping receipt, and some advertorials. Again, they couldn’t get a higher quality printer to print their labels? These things look like something you’d print at home. Totally bogus.

The Effectiveness of Zyrexin

You were already introduced to my dissatisfaction with Zyrexin initially, but let me just say that the quality or effectiveness of the product just isn’t there. It’s rather surprising considering the size of the company. But again, the size of the company could also be its detriment, because they’re more interested in having a million mediocre products rather than a handful of really good ones.

An hour went by, and nothing happened on the first day. Then two hours. Then three hours. Then 10. Nothing.

Around 12 hours later, I saw a little bit of difference, but that was it. This is far from the effectiveness of a product like, say, Formula 41 (hyperlink to Formula 41 review here), for instance, where you see results in about 30 minutes or so. As for the suggestion that the effects last 24 hours, I was a bit disappointed that half of that time has already elapsed, and I hadn’t noticed barely anything.

I continued to take the recommended dosage for two weeks, which was one or two pills at your discretion.

Since this product is only a libido increaser, its job is not to make your penis bigger but to get you in the mood to have sex. I did not note any significant increase in sexual desire that could be attributed to the effects of Zyrexin.

Not only did I not notice any increased sexual desire, but the pills would occasionally make me quite nauseous. Who wants to have sex when they’re about to puke? Not me. That’s for sure.

Zyrexin-Ingredients-Dosage-Herbs-Review-Results-Becoming-Alpha-MaleWhat Ingredients are Inside Zyrexin?

Zyrexin utilizes a proprietary blend of ingredients consisting of 1050mg of the following:

Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, epimedium extract, yohimbe extract, ginkgo extract, cnidium extract, velvet bean extract, butea superba, and l-arginine.

Is Zyrexin a Scam?

The word ‘scam’ gets thrown around a lot, and it’s hard to label something as a scam simply because it does not work as intended. A scam is paying for a new car via Western Union and losing all of your money to some guy who lives in Nigeria. That’s a scam.

Zyrexin is not a scam. You give them money, you receive the product, and you don’t get your credit card information stolen.

While it’s not a scam, it does not work.

Where can I buy Zyrexin?

If you really want to flush your money down the toilet on something that makes you sick, you can buy their product directly from their website or from major chains like Walmart.

How Many Pills Come in a Bottle?

Only 10. And when you consider that Zyrexin retails for $11.74 at Walmart, that price is a bit high. These pills are designed to be taken as k2-_18b3af20-6999-4f9a-bc37-0b423cefe41e.v1needed, so perhaps that is why they give you so few. But it still stinks when you think that each pill costs you over a dollar.

How’s the Return Policy?

If you’re buying through a retail chain, the return process isn’t that bad, mainly because you’re dealing with the chain’s return policy. But if you’d like to return something to Zyrexin through their direct channel? Good luck.

As always, I tested this return policy with an order I placed. Getting in contact with someone was a pain in the neck, as it took an eternity to reach customer service. Then you need to send the stuff back, which is to be expected and not a problem. But then I sat around for 10 days and finally said ‘hey, where the hell is my refund? I don’t think I ever got it?’ Sure enough, I never got my refund. I called up to see what the issue was, and was notified that it was still processing. Magically, three days later, I finally received my refund.

14 days to get a refund for something that was delivered in only two days from my house. What a joke!

Do they Auto-Bill You?

There is no auto billing. Imagine if there was? I’d have to give them negative stars.

The Bottom Line

Don’t buy Zyrexin. Save your money for stuff that actually works. You know, things like light bulbs and electric razors. Those things actually work. Zyrexin does not do what it says it does, so I cannot recommend that you buy it.

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