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Vydexafil Review



The Effectiveness: I saw about an inch of growth in length and girth, and my desire to have sex increased.
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Provides real penis growth, sexual desire increases, and libido increases


Penis enhancements are only slight. Cost of product could dampen your mood.

Bottom Line

The D-Aspartic and tribulus terrestris levels are particularly good, but the other active ingredients occupy relatively small space in the pill in regard to dosage. The pills do work ever so slightly, but that’s a steep price to pay $40 for. We would recommend this one, but only for those who are looking for a slight increase in sexual desire.

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Full Review

Grade: C

Vydexafil is actually one of the few products that actually works, but it’s such a small amount that it’s barely worth your time. After popping pills for about 6 months, I saw an extra 0.25 inches of penis gains. You can barely tell.

Vydexafil Review – Full Review

Where you see it:

Vydexafil can be found on its official website, and that’s probably the only place you’d want to buy it…..If you liked wasting money, that is. There are a ton of other quality products out there that work so much better than this one does, so why waste your time?

Its claims:

Vydexafil claims to be the number one all natural male enhancement product in the market. It also promises to increase your sexual desire and stamina so you can last longer in bed. Apart from that, it also claims to give a much harder erections, and above all, longer and thicker penis that most men desire.

This would be the #1 male enhancement product if it was the only one in existence. But in the real world, it’s not even close to the best all natural male enhancement product. If we lined up 1000 male enhancement products and were asked to pick the best ones from least to greatest, Vydexafil would be about #950 in quality. Right at the back of the line.

The reality:

Vydexafil does work, but it’s simply not that great. Plain and simple. I measured 0.25 inches in penis growth after 6 months, and those numbers are just not good enough to warrant continue buying this product. It’s best to forget that this product even exists. Walk right by it!


Vydexafil is priced right at $40 plus shipping, but for such few effects, it’s likely that you’ll feel like you wasted all of that money.


Grade: C

Vydexafil is not even close to the best male enhancement product out there. It offers very small results that are frankly not even worth it. For the price of this product, you might as well buy Formula 41 Extreme that will give you 3-4 inches of penis growth in half the time.

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