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Should you be worried about your Ultra SX purchase? Learn more in this Ultra SX review Does $5.49 a pill…

Should you be worried about your Ultra SX purchase? Learn more in this Ultra SX review

Does $5.49 a pill work for you? Because that’s what you would need to pay when you buy an Ultra SX pill. Ultra SX is a fast-acting male enhancement pill that could be used on an as-needed basis. Just pop a pill about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse and you should be good to go. $5.49 for a pill isn’t too bad, especially if you are considering regular male enhancement pills that might cost about $1 per pill which you need to take every day. However, at $5.49, Ultra SX is still expensive compared to most male enhancement pills around.

Ultra SX isn’t your typical fast-acting male enhancement pill. To start, it’s not sold per bottle. It’s sold in single or double blister packs. You can just take the pills as-needed, so you won’t have to worry about keeping a schedule on your supplements. This sounds all too good aside from the fact that Ultra SX is included in the FDA’s tainted sexual health supplement list. The list features all the brands which defrauded the FDA by having their products tainted with illegal ingredients. In the case of Ultra SX, the FDA found their pills to contain Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra.


Putting the FDA bulletin aside, the formula of Ultra SX leaves something to reconsider. Ultra SX contains a group of ingredients which are unknown in the world of sexual enhancement.

According to the supplement facts of Ultra SX, it contains the following ingredients:

  • Wolf berry extract
  • Smilax Regelii
  • Rhizoma Polygonati
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Cyanotis Vaga
  • Cortex Cinnamon

None of these ingredients are used by the top brands in the business, and the formula itself does not clearly exhibit the technology it used to be a fast-acting pill. Fast-acting pills are rare in the business simply because not many natural ingredients can be absorbed fast enough to be taken before sexual intercourse. Even pharmaceutical drugs can take about 30-40 minutes before it becomes effective, and a group of unknown ingredients make it less convincing for the pill to be effective in time before sexual intercourse – unless it contains something else, which brings us back to the illegal ingredient – Sildenafil.

Why is it dangerous to lace supplements with drugs?

Mixing prescription medicine with supplements without declaring the ingredients in the formula is extremely dangerous, especially for people with medical conditions. There’s a medical reason why the FDA requires a doctor’s prescription before dispensing erectile dysfunction drugs, and that is because side effects can be brutal – even fatal for the user. Prescription drugs can cause allergic reactions, drug resistance, drug interactions, and aggravation of an existing condition – all of which would need to be evaluated by a physician.


Ultra SX is the kind of male enhancement pill that would only make sense if you have the objective of looking for an alternative to Viagra that would not require a prescription. Other than that, herbal Viagra alternatives would be a better choice.

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