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Truderma ViAXUS Review



The Effectiveness: It did not work. It only made a me sick.
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Easily accessible. Nice packaging.


Made me sick. Expensive.

Bottom Line

This product made me very sick the first two times I tried it, and I assume I would have continued getting sick for as long as I took it. I wouldn’t touch this product when there are plenty of other amazing products out there like Formula 41. Give them a try well before you try this junk that makes you sick.

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Full Review

Grade: F

Truderma is so embarrassingly bad that I almost can’t even find the correct words to describe its utter failure as a male enhancement product.

For a product that’s sold in major retail stores like Walgreens, you can only guess that the only reason this product even got anywhere was because the Truderma people slipped some bribes to some fat cat CEOs.

You have to almost TRY to create a product as horrible as this. If I could find a grade lower than F, I would have used it. Don’t even touch this with a 10-foot pole.

Truderma – Full Review

Where you see it:

Truderma can be easily found online and in retail stores. But like I said earlier, I have no idea why. This product is so bad that I almost felt like I bought this crap at Satan’s convenience store for morons. Maybe I did!

Its claims:

Truderma ViAXUS ReviewsThis male enhancement supplement claims to improve your sexual performance, enhance libido, and intensify the pleasure that you get while having sex. Can you guess how good it is at doing all of this? Yeah, not very good at all. This product sucks so hard that not even professional porn stars could conjure up enough sucking power to match Truderma’s mastery of suckage.

The reality:

While this product does not claim that it will give your penis extra inches, it says it’ll enhance your sex life when it doesn’t. The reality is that Truderma is yet another horrible product that poor consumers are getting tricked into buying simply because they’re in Walgreens and other big retail stores.

In fact, there are so many reports out there that show that users have experienced serious stomach issues after taking this product. Sometimes even serious enough to have to call out sick from work!


Truderma is an expensive male enhancement supplement. At a price of $69.99, it’s beyond a rip-off. It’s perhaps a rip-off of epic proportions like none other we’ve ever seen. Whoever created this product should be sent to jail. What a criminal.


Grade: F

In my honest opinion, Truderma was created by charlatans just to make a quick buck. They know it doesn’t work, but they don’t care. Their main goal is to steal money from as many people as possible before being caught. Don’t fall for this trick!

What We Recommend

If you want something that REALLY works, give Formula 41 Extreme a shot. It does everything that Truderma claims to do, as well as increasing the size of your penis.

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