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Thermolife T-Bol Review

Thermolife T-Bol makes some seriously bold claims, and they even jump through hoops with the trademarked proprietary, generic ingredients, too. This simply doesn’t raise testosterone. If may support it, but it won’t raise it.

Manufacturer: Thermolife International

Online orders:
Phone orders: 1-888-9-THERMO

At $100 a bottle, Thermolife T-Bol better wash your clothes, take out the garbage, and cut your hair, all at the same time, and preferably while playing some smooth jazz.

All kidding aside, this is a heck of an expensive product, and the ingredients are nearly identical to ones you’d find in products that are almost half as expensive.

According to the lengthy product description that is about 50% too long, it claims to increase overall testosterone and free testosterone. All of its claims are not backed by clinical studies, nor are there any facts to back up these claims to go along with the ingredient list.

Claiming to support testosterone is one thing, but saying it’ll increase is another thing.

One thing Thermolife has done is take generic ingredients and trademarked different names for each one, which makes it seem as though you’re getting a whole bunch of proprietary ingredients that nobody else uses.

Very sneaky, indeed. Regardless if its marketing tactics, does the product actually do what it claims?


It’s a very pretty product, and I suspect this is the reason for charging such an exorbitant amount for a product that should be a lot less.

The box surrounding the bottle is sturdy, flashy, and looks like a lot of care went into making it look great. The bottle itself follows a similar design, and its logo looks bold and beautiful.

There’s a bit too much going on in the way of words on the box, and the name could turn some people away because it sounds a bit too ‘Area 51’ ish, but as long as the product works, people would catch on.

The Effectiveness of Thermolife T-Bol

Raising testosterone is very difficult to do without some hardcore stuff, and T-Bol is trying very hard to make people believe that it can do just that. Most supplements of this nature will only support testosterone, not raise it.

Because of the packaging and claims, this product was aimed at the 50+ crowd, because they’re most in need of test boosters. But generally anyone looking for an edge in the bedroom or gym could do with more testosterone.

So, I began day one with the recommended dose: two pills in the morning, two in the afternoon, and then another two at night. I felt like an AIDS patient. Six Pills! That’s a ton of commitment, if I must say.

Aside from some gas and a bit of a stomach ache, there were little effects that could be noted. One of its claims is that you’ll burn fat faster, as well. This was not seen, nor were there any health benefits that you’d normally attribute to elevated testosterone levels. After two weeks, it was time to pull the plug. At $100 a bottle, even if there were 1-2% changes in functionality, it would be silly to keep buying this stuff.

Unfortunately, without any real clinical studies, hard facts, or FDA approval, we simply cannot recommend this product to people looking to increase test levels.

And because of its outrageously high price at $100, sneaky marketing tactics like using trademarked names for generic ingredients, and bogus claims, it makes it even easier to recommend that you stay far away from T-Bol.

I’m not sure why they felt the need to go down that route, but it’s too late to come back now, Thermolife. Tricking people isn’t very nice, and you should be a bit more honest in the future.

What Ingredients are Inside Thermolife T-Bol?ThermoLifetbolfacts

  • Alatusterone
  • Divanabol
  • Testveratrol
  • Testafolia
  • Lectosorb
  • Forskobolin
  • ResoProtect

All of these are generic ingredients with fancy names.

Is Thermolife T-Bol a Scam?

It’s as close as you can get to one without it being illegal. There are a ton of fancy ingredient names, plenty of fancy claims, and the packaging is top-notch. Does it work? Nope.

So while it’s not technically a scam, do you really want to spend $100 on a product that doesn’t do what it claims to do?

Where Can I buy Thermolife T-Bol?

You can buy Thermolife T-Bol from its direct website, Amazon, and plenty of other supplement websites. It seems as though it is currently sold out on its direct distribution site, but you can still find it on third-party retailers.

Try to stay away from random third-party websites that are selling products because you never know if you’re getting a counterfeit product or the real thing. It’s best to stick with reputable third-party websites if you can’t go directly to the souce.

100_0096How Many Pills Come in Each Bottle?

The serving size is two pills, giving you 75 servings in each bottle. The tricky thing about that is that you have to take six pills, according to the directions. That leaves you with enough of this stuff to give you 12.5 days of T-Bol action.

That is not a whole lot, especially for a product that promises increased testosterone levels.

How’s the Return Policy?

Their return policy is a little vague. They say they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but they don’t offer a timeline in which you’re eligible for a return. Is it 30 days? 60 days? 90 days? Nobody knows.

It might even be 15 days. It’s all a guess.

Due to their supply issues, I was unable to verify the return process through them. If you must return something, do it at your own risk!

Do They Auto-Bill You?

They better not. I didn’t order through them, but if they’re like every other big name company, you’d imagine that the old ‘auto-bill trick’ is a thing[pullquote_right]This simply doesn’t raise testosterone[/pullquote_right] of the past.

The Bottom Line

Thermolife T-Bol makes some seriously bold claims, and they even jump through hoops with the trademarked proprietary, generic ingredients, too. This simply doesn’t raise testosterone. If may support it, but it won’t raise it.

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