The Art of Holding Back Ejaculation

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all want to please our partners and make sure that they have the chance to orgasm too! But some…

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all want to please our partners and make sure that they have the chance to orgasm too! But some women are harder to please than us men (in a sense that it takes more work to get them where they need to be) and if we cannot hold off then sadly, they end up missing out.

A woman will only put up with this for so long, so it is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is important that you are not selfish in the bedroom in order to create a longer lasting relationship.

Why do men seem to get an orgasm easier than women?

It is not like women do not have the ability to experience pleasure; in fact, they are very capable of multiple orgasms, which some men find quite difficult to achieve! But the truth is some men are simply uneducated about the female anatomy or just lose patience. So listen up!

Is it true that some women cannot cum?

Women can manage to enjoy masturbation and studies show that ladies who are interested in girls experience a substantial amount more orgasms in comparison to the women who sleep with men. So it seems to be a case of confidence and method.

If a woman is comfortable with herself and with you as a partner, perhaps you can try to discuss what it is that makes her tick. You cannot assume she works just like any of the other previous relationships as all women and all people, in fact, are each unique.

It takes understanding and practice

Sexual relationships take time and effort to get to a peak. You may have great sex with someone from the get go and find that it is easy to improve, however, some people struggle to have it this easy from the get go.

It is important to maintain patience and continue to try. If you want to ensure that you are equally proud of being together, then persistence is a must, but having the ability to be open-minded and try new things is another!

Make sure she is horny

It is no good you being all turned on and jumping straight to the deep end. She needs some action to get to where you are and there are several things you can do to create this mood for her. After all, sex is going to be much more comfortable if she is ready and willing as a woman produces her natural lubricant to be compatible with penetration.

The natural supplements that you are consuming daily can greatly increase your stamina, so use it wisely and take your time to give her the pleasure she deserves too! A lot of women miss out on experiencing even one orgasm, because a lot of guys are a little too eager.

It is not all about penetration!

A lot of men think that if they only enter the vagina, then that will automatically generate pleasure for the woman. WRONG!

A woman can be aroused without penetration, and this as a matter of fact is a very powerful knowledge to have on hand.

The Clitoris

There are several ways the clitoris can be stimulated to turn on a lady. Be creative, you don’t always have to use your penis as your sexual object. The mouth, fingers and even sex toys are a wonder when it comes to assisting foreplay.

By being in tune with the clitoris, the rest is sure to follow. If you manage to make her cum without entering, do not be alarmed! She is capable of more – just let her breathe for a second and continue as you were, next time try to find the right time to switch moves and have yourself a good time too!

Holding off during penetration

Every man has the ability to ‘hold off’ on his orgasm if concentrating hard enough. He may need to stop and pull out just for a second a little break never hurt anyone!

Both parties receive the benefits

But the thing is, you are not only doing her a favour by reserving your moment because wait until it is time – it is going to feel awesome!

Never experienced tantric sex before? (This is how it is done.)

Untitled2Bring your brain into action!

Instead of giving in and allowing your body to be in control (which can sometimes ruin things or cut great sex off short) let your mind tell you to slow down maybe even stop, and then start again! OK, this doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes practice (especially for some of us) but it is doable.
If you put your mind to it, you can do anything – including, ‘holding off’. When the time comes to cum, slow down and try to stop. Take a breath and start again, this way you can enjoy for longer. Natural herbs within supplements are powerful and can help boost testosterone levels which can influence the libido, take advantage of this new found energy!

Male enhancements can increase stamina

You may be thinking this is all a little too late in life to be starting to concentrate in all of the topics mentioned above, but late is better than never, right? If you feel like your libido is not up to scratch or you do not feel the urges like you used to – then try natural supplements to help you out!

It has been proven that the ingredients that make up these incredibly designed pills can actually help raise energy and testosterone levels which improve stamina and increase sexual desires.

Other benefits from supplements

Some brands are better than others and to see our top rated male enhancement products simply click here to view information and reviews. Certain pills may even help the penis to grow in length and girth!

It is important to remember that the best effects occur if you are incorporating supplements into an already healthy lifestyle. Make sure you have a good nutritious diet and regular exercise.

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