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Sex Pill Pros exclusive in-depth look at the meteoric rise of TenGenix, the best male enhancement pill today. Read more…

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Sex Pill Pros exclusive in-depth look at the meteoric rise of TenGenix, the best male enhancement pill today. Read more in our TenGenix review
It’s an exciting moment when you finally discover something better when you believe that you’ve seen the best. TenGenix, a new male enhancement supplement is quickly making rounds online as many users have expressed their satisfaction by posting positive reviews on various review aggregate websites. TenGenix claims to deliver 10 benefits that would change the way men think about male enhancement supplements.

Sex Pill Pros was given the opportunity to experience TenGenix first hand. Months before it was released to the public, Sex Pill Pros received samples of TenGenix for testing purposes. Truth be told, we are always skeptical whenever a new brand gets rolled out. Based on our experience with male enhancement supplements, it’s almost always an overpriced rebranding of an old formula that failed to make it in the market. However, TenGenix has all the makings of an original formula that is bound to shake things around in the supplement industry. From its Accelerated Penile Expansion (APEX) technology that is proven to add significant size to the penis, to the increase in pheromone levels, we are inclined to believe that TenGenix may be the ultimate male enhancement supplement if it can deliver on all of its promises.

What’s in TenGenix?

The core ingredients always tell a bit of the story about how a supplement works. It’s the reason why it made our list of the 3 best male enhancement pills of all-time. Our experience with male enhancement supplements have taught us that ingredient synergy is just as important as the quality of ingredients used. TenGenix had been in development for over a year, and it’s clear that the ingenuity of the formula is owed to the investment of its creators in research and development. Not only does TenGenix contain high-quality ingredients, it also contains one of the most compelling formulas ever used in male enhancement.

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The TenGenix blend is indeed one of a kind. Each ingredient is specially formulated to let each component reach peak effectiveness without having to lace the formula with illegal prescription medicine like what other male enhancement supplements use. Each ingredient is derived from choice ingredients, with optimal potency to synergistically blend with the other compounds in the formula. Here are the highlight ingredients included in TenGenix:

394:1 potency ratios offer maximum strength quality
 Harvested using all-natural processes
 Highest quality herbal seed used
 All-natural herbs provide maximum increases
 Ultra-effective at increasing penile size
 400% over common herbs
Provides sex-drive increase by over 200%
 Herbs provide up to 4 inches of overall growth

Tongkat Ali

The ingredient that creates the most impact in TenGenix is undoubtedly the Asian Viagra, Tongkat Ali. Heralded by its optimal potency and quality, Tongkat Ali greatly amplifies the effects of TenGenix. As a testosterone booster, Tongkat Ali is second to none. TenGenix uses an ultra-concentrated form of Tongkat Ali to deliver key benefits such as improved libido, better testosterone production, better erectile function, improved sexual endurance, and improved production of pheromones.


L-Arginine has been used for decades as a bodybuilding supplement to increase vascularity, muscle strength, endurance, and muscle recovery. A concentrated form of L-Arginine enables TenGenix to increase the dilation of blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. This is done by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body, which trigger the relaxation of smooth muscles in the blood vessels, which cause the dilation. When used in conjunction with the aphrodisiacs in TenGenix, the blood vessels systematically contract and dilate to increase the volume of blood that flows to the penis when a man becomes sexually stimulated. Tongkat Ali is also the key ingredient that triggers the permanent penis enlargement benefit that TenGenix users enjoy. By increasing the amount of blood that flows to the penis on a regular basis, the corpora cavernosa expands to accommodate the increased volume of blood. As a result, the erect penis increases in length and girth.


TribulusTerrestris is a known testosterone booster in the bodybuilding industry. Normally, testosterone boosters influence muscle growth, but more concentrated forms of testosterone could increase sexual function by improving libido, endurance, and pheromone production. Different testosterone boosters activate different receptors that help increase free testosterone levels in the body. TribulusTerrestris is already a quality testosterone supplement on its own, but when used in conjunction with other testosterone boosters such as Tongkat Ali and MuiraPuama, the result is a stacked effect that greatly improves the sexual function of men.

How big might you get?
According to the manufacturer, you can expect up to 4 inches of increase penile tissue expansion
How long until you see results with Tengenix?
Based on user data and reviews, most men have seen the best results between 8-10 weeks of usage
How do you take Tengenix?
The back of the bottle says to take 2 capsules every morning on an empty stomach
Are the results permanent?
Our office used Tengenix for 12 weeks, and the extra 2.7 inches of penis we saw is still there, so it appears that this may be true

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Maca Root

Maca is a Peruvian herb used for centuries as a fertility aid for livestock. Maca root is one of the few supplements that can be used by both men and women to improve their sexual health. The addition of maca root in the formula gives TenGenix users the unique experience of being able to fully control the frequency and intensity of their orgasms. Certain compounds in the maca root inhibit key neurotransmitters that prolong the refractory period, or the period of rest following an orgasm.


MuiraPuama is a fast-acting testosterone booster that gives TenGenix users the benefit of being able to increase libido and sexual endurance starting from the first dose. MuiraPuama, when used in conjunction with ingredients such as Tongkat Ali and TribulusTerrestris could greatly enhance free testosterone levels that not only increases libido, but sexual endurance and pheromone production as well.

How does TenGenix work?

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TenGenix is more than just your typical male enhancement supplement that gives users intense erections. The formula is designed to give men the unique experience of actual male sexual health improvement that not only brings men actual physical changes that they can measure, but sexual confidence that makes men more attractive to the opposite sex.

TenGenix guarantees its customers that a significant increase in size is possible through long-term use. Many supplements promise a significant growth in the size of the penis, but none have actually come close to build compelling evidence that supports their claim until TenGenix came along.

Since the penile chambers –  the corpora cavernosa, are elastic in nature, it is meant to accommodate an increased blood flow coming from the arteries that supply blood to the penis. The real draw is by getting a significant increase in the volume of blood that flows to the penile chambers to initiate a significant change in size. That is done through the vasodilators and aphrodisiac compounds found in the formula of TenGenix.

It’s a simple method of allowing more blood to flow to the penile chambers. A potent LArginine source enables the arteries that supply blood to the penis to expand, while the aphrodisiacs in the formula enables the brain to send signals throughout the body to contract blood vessels and increase blood flow and pressure to the penis. Initially, this chain reaction alleviates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but longterm use makes it possible for the penis to grow a couple of inches in length and girth.

10 Benefits

We’re going out on a limb and say that in a few months, TenGenix will be more known for its penis enlargement benefit than all of its other benefits combined. There are actually 10 benefits that users can get with TenGenix, and all of that is highlighted in the TenGenix 10:

Accelerated Penile Expansion (APEX)? Technology

Permanent penis enlargement

Improved sexual endurance

Increased penile firmness

Full orgasm control

Decreased refractory period

Decreased mental and sexual fatigue

Improved response to sexual stimulus

Prolonged erectile function

Increased release of natural pheromones

With the way the product is laid out, we have reason to believe that TenGenix has everything it needs to accomplish all ten benefits. We have not encountered any other supplement that can deliver on all their promises, let alone 10.

TenGenix clinical trials and published studies

TenGenix proudly lets everyone know about their clinical trials and studies that have all taken part in creating the perfect male enhancement supplement. The great part is, every single one of these clinical trials and studies are all available online for anyone to do their research. Each ingredient used in TenGenix is proven to be effective in the dosage used in TenGenix.

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It’s a known fact in the industry that vasodilation can cause a permanent increase in the length and girth of a subject’s penis – and it’s that same formulation that inspired the APEX technology used in TenGenix. L-Arginine is a key contributor in the formula, which is further amplified by the effects of Tongkat Ali, TribulusTerrestris, and MuiraPuama.

As someone who lives off of finding problems in supplements, the data that backs up the claims of TenGenix is all too compelling to be fake. If anything, the patents and studies published on their website could still be traced back to the government website that houses the studies.


Not only is TenGenix very compelling, it also has one of the most comprehensive benefits that we have ever seen in a male enhancement supplement. It makes you think that the makers of the product really have the best intentions for their customers, as they have clearly identified the needs of their potential customers. So far, TenGenix has everything we had ever hoped for in a male enhancement supplement, and it would only take a while before it takes the market by storm.


TenGenix Review Rating

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