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Thinking about buying Pure Karbolyn? We got you covered. Read Sex Pill Pros’ in-depth Pure Karbolyn review You know you…

Thinking about buying Pure Karbolyn? We got you covered. Read Sex Pill Pros’ in-depth Pure Karbolyn review

You know you got a good supplement in front of you if everybody is saying that it’s good. Our first take on Pure Karbolyn revealed that it is probably one of the best bodybuilding supplements out there, and that’s all because of its carbohydrate formula that changed the way bodybuilders think about carbs. In a way, bodybuilders have always taken carbs as a part of their diet and their protein supplements, and at times, that may be enough – until you run out of juice. It’s like the edge of your workout threshold that you can’t do more sets since you’ve run out of energy, and there’s nothing you can do more about that – until Pure Karbolyn came along.

Before Pure Karbolyn, we always thought that intra-workout carbohydrate supplements have very little to contribute to your workouts. If anything, those power bars give you a little nudge, but not really the boost you need to endure another set. That’s because the carbs are not absorbed fast enough to matter for your workouts. Pure Karbolyn came up with a formula to make carbohydrates easily absorbed by your body so you get recharged with energy as you go with your workouts.


The technology is incredibly simple, and it’s quite surprising that no other supplement manufacturer had come up with the same idea before Pure Karbolyn. Instead of sourcing carbohydrates through bread and pasta, Pure Karbolyn sources its carbohydrates from potato, rice, and corn, which are easily absorbed by the body.ps-pure-karbolyn

Some may suggest that it doesn’t matter where you get your carbohydrates as long as you get enough, it’s definitely not the case as with endurance workouts and high-intensity interval training. Energy levels can be easily depleted, and without an effective source of carbohydrates during your workout, you are likely to end up feeling sluggish and tired without being able to fully explore what you can do if  you had ample energy in your body.

Pure Karbolyn as an intra-workout supplement recharges you with carbohydrates in the middle of your workout so you can improve your performance and endurance. Also, by acting as a natural pump, Pure Karbolyn pumps water and all the nutrients with it to your muscles, so you experience an improvement in strength, endurance, and recovery.


In many supplement markets online, Pure Karbolyn has been ranked as one of the top carbohydrate supplements today. However, it’s hardly the only supplement you need. To improve your performance, you need more than just carbohydrates to power your workout. You need creatine, glutamine, protein, amino acids, and nitric oxide boosters to take your workouts to another level.

It’s a fact that nobody really pays that much attention to carbohydrates the way they do with proteins and creatine, but the carbohydrates in Pure Karbolyn could be the game-changer you need to improve your workouts. Just be sure to pair it with the right nitric oxide booster such as NitroGenix 365 to amplify the benefits of Karbolyn.

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