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Should you be worried about you Progene purchase? All you need to know about Progene is here. If you are…

Should you be worried about you Progene purchase? All you need to know about Progene is here.

If you are looking to build muscle while getting your sexual health needs cared for, then you might want to check out the best testosterone supplements in the market today. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones that you should always keep in mind when you purchase your male enhancement pill. An increase in testosterone is a sure-fire way to improve your libido, and when it comes to male enhancement, libido is king.

Progene is a testosterone supplement that doubles as a male enhancement supplement, thanks to the addition of L-Arginine HCl in the formula. Although many find its testosterone effects far more important than its sexual health benefits, it should be noted that Progene could compete toe to toe with the best male enhancement pills around. Would Progene’s effectiveness be enough to dethrone the best penis pills in town? Read the rest of the review to find out.


The effectiveness of Progene could be attributed to its DHEA component. DHEA, or Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a naturally-occurring hormone that could help increase the levels of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. While DHEA can be an effective testosterone booster, it should be noted that many sports organizations have banned the use of DHEA for its athletes. If you participate in any sporting event that may require testing for performance-enhancing drugs, you might want to skip on Progene since it might come up on your drug screen.

DHEA is not banned because it gives the user an unfair advantage over their competition. While DHEA can absolutely help improve the user’s testosterone levels, it could also cause severe side effects that could lead to permanent and fatal health conditions. It should be noted that some people may be allergic to DHEA and some may not be as tolerant as other people. Before taking Progene, people with health conditions would need to consult their primary care physician.

Why is DHEA dangerous?

According to various sources, DHEA could disrupt the body’s natural production of hormones. In men, it could lead to testicular wasting, and gynecomastia, the abnormal development of breasts due to too much estrogen. It should be noted that DHEA could go either way – estrogen or testosterone, which only depends on what the body needs.

DHEA can also aggravate the underlying cause of low testosterone such as hypothyroidism, and it could also derail the diagnosis in medical cases that affect sex hormones. The use of DHEA could also increase the risk of developing heart disease later on in life.


Many people have used DHEA with little to no side effects, but that shouldn’t be the basis of using Progene. The risks far outweigh the benefits, and if you are only looking for the best male enhancement pill on the market today, there are other better choices that are far safer than Progene. All you really need to do is look.

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