Nitro X Review

Grade: 89 (Very Effective) Nitro X is one of the more popular male enhancement products we’ve reviewed. When we got…

Grade: 89 (Very Effective)

Nitro X is one of the more popular male enhancement products we’ve reviewed. When we got wind that the company wanted us to try their product and do a review on it, we were extremely excited.

For one, it makes us feel good that we’re an authoritative source for male enhancement products and a trusted home for reviews.

And then on the other side of the coin, it’s an honor to be able to do a full test of Nitro X to let all of our readers know if the product is worth their time or not.

So after all this time waiting, was Nitro X worth it?

The Effectiveness

nitro xLike we said earlier, Nitro X is one of the more popular male enhancement products out there. This product is marketed as a product to increase weightlifting goals and muscle mass, but it’s equally as good as a male enhancement product.

So while you’ll see an increase in muscular definition and loss of weight, you’ll also notice a host of sexual health benefits like increased sexual stamina, increased libido, and increased erection quality.

After the first week of using Nitro X, with a steady dose of one pill every morning, we saw a noticeable increase in libido and erection quality, as well as sex-drive and sexual stamina.

I wanted to have sex much more often, and my erections were incredibly hard and longer. I also had so much energy that I wanted to have sex for hours. My girlfriend threw in the towel before I did! That’s how long I could have sex for with Nitro X.

After two weeks, the above results were increased by about 50%. That was huge! In addition, my erections were even harder and longer, and I saw an average increase of penis size of about an inch in length and girth.

After three weeks, it seemed like the maximum effects started taking place. I was a sexual animal. I wanted nothing but sex every day, and I would sometimes have sex three times a day! My girlfriend was getting tired, but it was all in the name of science, right?

After all was said and done after three weeks, I noted an increase of 200% with my sex-drive, an extra 1.2 inches of penis length and girth, 150% increase in erection quality, and a 250% increase in energy supplies.


How it Works and What’s Inside

Nitro X uses one of the best and most effective natural ingredients, L-Arginine, to increase blood flow to the penis and muscular system, thereby inducing a nitric oxide release to increase testosterone production.

In addition, due to the sustained release formulation, your body is able to effectively circulate the ingredients inside Nitro X to provide a massive boost to your sex-drive, libido, and erection quality.

The Bottom Line

Nitro X has proven to be one of the best male enhancement products we’ve ever tested. We’re so happy we were able to review this product. Not only did it increase erection quality and hardness, sex-drive, and libido, but it increased overall penis length and girth. Few other sex pills out there work even half as good as Nitro X. This one is going in our top 10 products for sure. We highly recommend giving this product a try.

Our Final Grade: 89 (Very Effective)

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