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Nitro Genix 365 Review -Muscle Building Supplement

Nito Genix 365 Muscle Building Supplement Review
Nito Genix 365 Muscle Building Supplement Review
Nito Genix 365 Muscle Building Supplement Review


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little bit about our team How much do we really know about natural muscle building supplements? Do any of these products actually produce results and far more importantly safe? There is a good reason why so much doubt surrounds the natural supplement industry. The healing and energy sustaining nutrients contained in natural supplement products are […]

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little bit about our team

How much do we really know about natural muscle building supplements? Do any of these products actually produce results and far more importantly safe? There is a good reason why so much doubt surrounds the natural supplement industry. The healing and energy sustaining nutrients contained in natural supplement products are often overlooked because of scam products.  Filler ingredients. Chemical derivatives of common pharmaceutical drugs. Ineffective products or potentially life-threatening supplements with undisclosed ingredients. How does one make sense of this confusing industry while going about the busy demands of life without getting a medical degree? That is why I’ve developed a team of colleagues within the medical field to put together our time and resources to start conducting clinical testing on popular supplements.

It was heartbreaking for me to see countless health conditions and struggles in my practice and know that a simple herbal supplement could do far more than any pharmaceutical drug. Your body requires a delicate balance of nutrients for great health and quality of life. Low Vitamin D causes depression. Low Vitamin B causes migraines. Low Iron causes fatigue and muscle loss. So many conditions are a result of a nutritional imbalance that will never be cured until the root cause of the issue (low nutrient intake) is addressed. Migraine medication is a band-aid not a cure for low Vitamin D levels.

We had numerous patients who’d be willing to take a supplement, but when the product they happened to pick up was just an ineffective filler scam, they would blame supplements in general as being ineffective and once again want the band-aid drugs. Our team was created so we could know which supplements actually worked and confidently recommend to our patients.

Product of the day: Nitro Genix 365

What does the manufacture claim?

Nitro Genix 365 is marketed as a natural muscle building supplement. The manufacturer offers 4 product guarantees about their formula or 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

  • Clinically Tested – Nitrogen is 360 has been tested and compared to other workout supplement products on the market by independent studies.
  • One-A-Day Formula – NitroGenix 360 contain a powerful formula that only has to be taken once a day to gain maximum results from your workouts.
  • Improves Muscle Recovery – NitroGenix 360 contains proteins that naturally help the muscles repair and strengthen quickly after a workout or strain from the average work day.
  • Increases Nitric Oxide Levels – Nitric Oxide is a crucial protein that allows oxygen to enter your blood vessels which cause increased stamina and muscle growth and recovery

Yet does the manufacturer actually deliver on their money back guarantee or their product guarantees? How do the ingredients in Nitro Genix 365 actually increase Nitric Oxide levels or improve muscle recovery? Does their formula truly only contain 100% natural ingredients?

What are the ingredients in Nitro Genix 365?

nitrogenix-365-what-are-the-ingredientsOur laboratory testing found Nitro Genix 360 to contain four nutrient-rich herbs extracts and NO FILLER INGREDIENTS. The first thing we look for in our testing is the presence of filler or chemically formulated ingredients. If a supplement contains filler ingredients then we automatically know that is an ineffective product and pointless to continue conducting research and testing groups. If a supplement is found to contain a chemical deviation of a pharmaceutical drug then we simply identify its closest known counterpart and complete a report for the public revealing the potentially dangerous ingredients and interactions.  Nitro Genix 365 was found to contain no filler ingredients and be composed of only 100% natural ingredients: A-AKG, OKG, A-KIK, and GKG.

Clinical Summary

The manufacturer claims that Nitro Genix 365 only contained 100% natural ingredients were found to be completely valid and truthful in our laboratory testing of this product.

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How do the ingredients in Nitro Genix 360 cause muscle growth?

A-AKG is a compound created from several important amino acids that are used and formed in your body during energy-generating activities. Amino acids are used in your body to produce Nitric Oxide which consequently increases blood flow and quickens the travel of nutrients to your muscles.

Why is A-AKG important?

Amino Acids facilitate muscle protein synthesis which is the building block that supports  rapid growth and definition of muscle tissues.

OKG is a molecule responsible for facilitating the regulation of creation, insulin, and other growth hormones. Hormone regulation controls the amount of energy in your body is free and allowed to be spent fueling exercise related strain and muscle growth.

nitrogenix-365-ingredients-increase-muscle-growthWhy is OKG important?

Your body is unable to energize and encourage muscle growth unless your growth hormones are optimally functioning and supporting increased energy levels.

A-KIK is an amino acid enzyme for aiding production of Nitric Oxide. Increased Nitric Oxide carries more oxygen to the blood vessels which fuel, energize and repair your muscles.

Why is A-KIK important?

Increases stamina. Decreases the amount of time it takes your body to repair and build your muscles in between workouts.

GKG contains a molecule used in protein synthesis for reducing the amount of free muscle glutamine concentration. Reduced free muscle glutamine is the reason some people find themselves unable to build muscle despite regular exercise.

Why is GKG important?

Ensures that your body has unblocked access to nutritional resources required for gaining muscle.

Clinical Summary

The ingredients in Nitro Genix 365 supported the manufacturers claims of increasing production of Nitric Oxide, stamina and improving muscle recovery time.

Does the science add up?

We started to research the ingredients used in Nitro Genix 365 and determined two clear  conclusions about the methodically and function of this product.

nitrogenix-365-does-the-science-add-upFact: Nitro Genix 365 causes improved circulation by increasing the production of an organically produced category of enzymes called Nitric Oxides.

How? A-KIK and A-AKG

Fact: Nitro Genix 365 was formulated to address every factor involved in facilitating muscle growth.

How? Improved circulation is caused by A-KIK and A-AKG for providing muscle tissues with fuel for repairing, strengthening and defining muscle growth. The reduction of blocked free muscle glutamine concentration caused by GKG allows for the level of muscle growth to reflect your exercise level. OKG regulates the growth hormones to allow for your body to support and encourage utilizing and building your energy levels through exercise.

Clinical Summary

The methodology and ingredients used to formulate Nitro Genix 365 reflect a complex and revolutionary approach for dramatically increasing muscle growth through nutritional boosters.

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Where can I buy Nitro Genix 365?

Nitro Genix 365 is still sold by the original manufacturer and available at their website www.nitrogenix365.com  Buying from the manufacturer is the cheapest and quickest way to order a natural supplement product. A common scam in the supplement industry is to try and sell a fraudulent filler supplement under the guise of an authentic product. Ordering from the verified original manufacturer is the most guaranteed way to ensure you’re buying the authentic  high-quality product you researched and selected.

How long should I take Nitro Genix 365?

The length of time you should take Nitro Genix 365 depends on of your health and fitness goals.

nitrogenix-365-boxAre you taking you Nitro Genix 360 to gain muscle or stamina for an upcoming competition or a short term goal? You should take a daily dose of Nitro Genix 360 for 3-6 months leading up to your event or goal and for another 3 months after if you wish to sustain your new muscle growth. If you suddenly stop taking Nitro Genix 360 right after you reach an important milestone then the recent tissue growth resulting from your workouts will shrink due to the sudden lack  of nutritional resources necessary for permanent growth.

Are you taking Nitro Genix 360 as part of a new or permanent health and fitness routine? It is safe to take Nitro Genix 360 for an extended amount of time. You could think of this supplement as being like a one-a-day multivitamin. Nitro Genix 365 is not a steroid or drug of any sort and only contains nutrients naturally acquired through your body through food. Supplements are a great way to ensure you’re receiving an adequate about of nutrients every day but not a requirement for working out or a healthy lifestyle. Provided you make sure you’re eating nutrient herbs in their raw natural state combined with a strict nutrient and protein filled diet.

Should you take Nitro Genix 365?

nitrogenix-365-should-you-take-itI recommend that my patients take supplements when starting a new exercise regime to protect against injury and ensure the person is equipped with the right resources for achieving their fitness and weight goals. I’ve seen so many patients who were dedicated to starting an exercise plan yet grew discouraged and failed because their bodies lacked the right nutritional boost for gaining muscle and stamina. Often these patients would go on to become obese and develop numerous health complication that could have been easily prevented by taking a natural supplement to ensure results and motivation from their workouts.

Nitro Genix 360 is the number one muscle building supplement recommended by physicians. There are sadly few supplements available today that are actually 100% natural and contain no filler or chemical ingredients. Natural supplements are an extension of the organic fuel process used by your body through the nutrients you intake in your diet. Your body is not fueled by fillers and this makes it incredibly difficult for the medical community to find quality products to recommend to their patients. Thankfully the results from our testing found Nitro Genix to be a safe and effective method for helping our patients reach their weight and fitness goals

Clinical Summary

We’d highly recommend Nitro Genix 360 to anybody seeking to improve the quality of their health and dramatically increase muscle growth.

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