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Should you be worried about your Neophase purchase? Learn more in this Neophase review Buying your next male enhancement pill?…

Should you be worried about your Neophase purchase? Learn more in this Neophase review

Buying your next male enhancement pill? How thorough are you when doing your pre-purchase research? In today’s male enhancement supplement market, it would be unwise to make a purchase without at least checking the background of the pill that you are going to buy. There’s a reason why the male enhancement supplement market isn’t the most trusted supplement market today, and that’s largely due to the number of brands that try to scam people into buying their products.

One product in particular, isn’t a scam per se, but it hides a secret that was just recently exposed. Earlier this year, Neophase for Men, a male enhancement supplement, was added into the FDA’s tainted sexual health supplement list for containing a compound which is similar to Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra. Whether or not this encourages you to buy the product is a different discussion. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Neophase for Men to determine if the risk is really worth the reward.


At the core of any male enhancement supplement is a solid group of ingredients. Neophase has ingredients that are quite known for their testosterone-boosting qualities, which greatly affect the user’s libido. There are only a few reviews about Neophase on the web today, and most of these reviews do not paint a clear picture of what you should expect from Neophase.

Given the fact that users can expect a bit of improvement in their erectile function, it doesn’t necessarily mean that users can expect Viagra-like effects from Neophase. The dosing of the ‘hidden’ ingredient isn’t fully explained in the FDA report about Neophase, and expecting a full dose of Viagra on a pill of Neophase would rack up the price of Neophase with a price similar to Viagra – which is not practical for anyone who would be expecting a supplement price range.

On paper, Neophase contains libido-boosting ingredients that would mimic the effects of erectile dysfunction drugs. One ingredient in particular, is known to have PDE-5 inhibitor properties on higher potency extracts. Epimedium is widely-used in the male enhancement supplement industry particularly because of its PDE-5 inhibitor properties. Neophase also contains ingredients such as Ginseng to improve stamina, and cordyceps sinensis to improve the production of testosterone to improve sex drive.

It should be noted that Neophase does not contain any vasodilator ingredients such as L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, or Yohimbine. This suggests that Neophase could have pro-erectile properties, but none that would affect the blood flow, which is a major factor that affects erectile function.


If you’re the kind of guy who is just looking for an alternative to Viagra, then Neophase might be a good buy for you. Just keep in mind that Neophase may not be as effective as Viagra. If you are looking for an herbal alternative to Viagra, stick to reputable brands like Biomanix or Formula 41 Extreme.

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