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Lipogenix Elite Review: The Fat-Burning Supplement You Need



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Our Review of Lipogenix Elite When you hear that a fat-burning supplement is going to magically make all that unwanted fat just melt off, killing muffin tops and beer bellies, you’re not wrong to feel a little skeptical. Lipogenix Elite is a different kind of fat-burning supplement, though, in that it’s designed to work in […]

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Our Review of Lipogenix Elite

When you hear that a fat-burning supplement is going to magically make all that unwanted fat just melt off, killing muffin tops and beer bellies, you’re not wrong to feel a little skeptical. Lipogenix Elite is a different kind of fat-burning supplement, though, in that it’s designed to work in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet. The weight stays off with Lipogenix Elite, because this fat burner helps you develop a healthy lifestyle along with aiding you in shedding those pounds a lot faster than you would with only diet and exercise.

So how’s it work?

lipogenix-elite-so-how-does-it-workLipogenix Elite gets you sweating like a pig. If this sounds bad to you, change your attitude! As it turns out, sweating is a sign that you’re burning calories – and fat – at an accelerated rate. Those gym rats drowning in sweat are doing all of the right things. Lipogenix Elite stimulates thermogenics, or the elevation in body temperature, that gets your body burning fat much faster.

Thermogenesis allows you to burn fat faster than you would at a regular body temperature. Because working out and dieting just aren’t enough on their own for some people, Lipogenix Eli
te helps the body heat up to stimulate even more fat burning, giving you that extra boost you need to really reach your weight loss goals. This is a stimulant-based fat burner. Basically, you use up more calories and burn off fat, but they also mobilize your fat cells so your whole body can eat them up throughout your workout.

The Ingredients

It’s great to hear that you’re going to get great results from a supplement and to even hear fancy words like “thermogenesis,” but if you’re really doing your research, you want to know about the ingredients. Here are some of the primary ingredients in Lipogenix Elite.


Good ol’ caffeine. It gets you through the work day, but it can also help you push harder during your workout, too. Caffeine is a key thermogenesis trigger. It stimulates your body to heat up, allowing you to burn more calories and fat. You also get the jolt of energy most of us need to get to the gym and start sweating.


Maybe you’ve heard of Ephedrine. It was a really potent fat-burner popular a couple of years ago – until it was banned by the FDA for its dramatic, dangerous side effects. Synephrine works similarly to Ephedrine, minus the side effects. It works in synergy with caffeine to get your body hot and read to burn up fat.


What a tongue-tying word, right? Ingredients with names like glucuronolactone can be pretty intimidating, but don’t let this one scare you off. Glucuronolactone relieves feelings of fatigue and pain during your workout, meaning you can burn fat for a longer period of time. Glucuronolactone is also well-known for increasing your stamina, focus, and overall athleticism. The longer you can work out, the more thermogenesis can work its magic. Glucuronolactone makes this possible.

lipogenix-elite-ingredients-4-phenylethylamine-hclPhenylethylamine Hcl

Another tongue-tier, but Phenylethylamine Hcl, like Glucuronolactone, is nothing to fear. Essentially, P-Hcl allows you to get excited for your workout and focus. We all know how boring the treadmill can be or how hard lifting weights can be when you’re out of shape. P-Hcl gives you that boost of energy and focus to push through, earning results Lipogenix
Elite is made for.

Ylipogenix-elite-ingredients-5-yohimbe-extractohimbe Extract and Inositol Niacinate

Yohimbe Extract and Inositol Niacinate are the dream team when it comes to vasodilation. Vasodilation is the relaxation and extension of blood vessels which allows for increased blood flow. This increase in blood flow, stimulated by vasodilators like Yohimbe Extract and Inositol Niacinate, allows for your muscles to get much-needed oxygen and nutrients to stimulate muscle growth and halt fatigue. The harder your muscles can work and the stronger you are, the easier it becomes to burn fat. Muscle growth also jumpstarts your metabolism and kills fat.

lipogenix-elite-boxWhy buy Lipogenix Elite?

The answer’s simple: you want to lose weight, and you want to lose it the healthy way. You could starve yourself on some fad diet or juicing craze. You could injure yourself with insanity workouts. Or you could supplement your diet and exercise with a fat-burning supplement like Lipogenix Elite. Diet pills speed up digestion and prevent your body from absorbing nutrients it needs. Lipogenix Elite, on the other hand, encourages the absorption of these nutrients and doesn’t interrupt healthy digestion. Even if you lose weight with fad diets or diet pills, you may have learned how easy it is to gain back. This is because you haven’t done it the healthy way. These methods are purely a waste of time. If you want to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off for good, try out Lipogenix Elite.

What results can I expect?

Most people see visible weight loss in as little as two to four weeks.lipogenix-elite-what-results-can-i-expect

If you’re struggling with portion control or a wild appetite, try adding Garcinia X, an appetite suppressant, to Lipogenix Elite.

If you’re aiming to tone up, try NitroGenix 365 as well to stimulate muscle growth and fat burn at the same time.

To buy or not to buy?

Our verdict: Buy.

Lipogenix Elite is considered one of the industry’s best fat-burning supplements. It has ingredients that won’t harm you, and it encourages healthy weight loss. Users are happy, and so are researchers and scientists who have seen that it really works.lipogenix-elite-our-verdict-buy

You could drive your body crazy with dangerous diet pills and diets that require insane sacrifices. Or, you could try out a supplement that really works. Lipogenix Elite works fast because it’s working with your body rather than against it. It’s not just a quick fix: it’s a long-lasting answer for how to fix your weight issues.

Lipogenix Elite works in a healthy, natural way to stimulate thermogenesis and vasodilation. These natural interactions increase fat burn and muscle growth, jumpstarting your metabolism. In combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet, Lipogenix Elite is going to give you the results you want. It’s time to say goodbye to problem areas and that unwanted bulge. If you want the fat to melt off without torturing yourself, try out Lipogenix Elite.


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