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Force Factor Test X180 Review

This product works marginally well, and you’ll see a bit of improvement in your sexual desire and performance, but it’s not worth $70. It’s not even worth $30 per bottle. You most likely won’t see any increase in muscle mass, either. Stick with something that works like Formula 41 Elite. It’s half the price, too.

Grade: D

This product is pretty embarrassing. For all the talk they chirp up, it’s pretty sad that their product barely even does anything. After trying this product for a whole month, the only thing that changed was my bank account total. I got ripped off.

Test X180 – Full Review

Where you see it:

This male enhancement supplement is available in several online stores. It can also be purchased at any GNC stores and at its own official website. It is also being promoted in various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even on YouTube!

Know what’s funny? 95% of the comments you’ll read on these social media profiles and websites are totally fake. This company paid someone to write fake comments to make it look like people are actually buying this crap.

Its claims:

Test X180 claims to boost sex drive and libido, improve sexual performance, and maximize muscle mass. It also promises to raise the levels of free testosterone to further enhance one’s performance. Test X180 also guarantees users that it does not come with any side effects unlike other competitors.

That sounds nice, but when your product doesn’t actually do ANY of that, you’ve got some serious problems with the way you do business. And no side effects? Yeah, there shouldn’t be if you’re just producing junk that doesn’t have any real ingredients in it!

The reality:

The truth is that Test X180 sucks. It doesn’t do anything that it claims it does. The only thing you’re doing by buying this stuff is wasting money and taking up valuable shelf space.

If you want to waste your money, try flushing it down the toilet. At least that’ll actually do something.


Test X180 is being sold at a price of $69.99 per bottle. They have some nerve charging so much money for a product that sucks as bad as this one.

If I created a product this bad, I couldn’t even muster up enough strength to sell it for a dollar. This company is full of scumbags looking to take advantage of people.


Grade D

This product is lucky I’m even giving it a D instead of a big, fat F. With a product that uses super low-quality ingredients, massive amounts of filler, and a shoddy and flimsy marketing campaign to wrestle money away from you, this company should have filed for bankruptcy a long time ago.

For almost $70, you can get close to two months worth of Formula 41 Extreme, and it’ll actually work.

There are some male enhancement companies that deserve a lot of praise, and Test X180 is not one of them!

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