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Everlasting T Review

Everlasting T Review
Everlasting T Review
Everlasting T Review


The Effectiveness: This product simply does not live up to the hype it generates. It promises to increase testosterone by 98%, but that's impossible to measure. It does not increase test.
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Energy levels increased slightly and price is within reason.


Does not work well enough, did not note any increase in mood or sexual desire, and it's Impossible to measure increase in test easily

Bottom Line

Don’t buy it. It did not work me, and while it could work for other creatures like aliens or squirrels, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on humans. At least not this human. Increasing your testosterone is important, but this product will not do it to a satisfactory level, or enough to make a difference.

Posted December 10, 2014 by

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Manufacturer: Everlasting T

Online orders: https://www.everlastingt.com/
Phone orders: 866-602-8216

Everlasting T promises that you’ll see a 98% increase in testosterone levels after only two months. These are some radical claims to make, but what else would you expect them to say? If it only increased your testosterone levels by 5%, nobody would buy it. But if it doesn’t live up to the claim, they look like liars. We’re here to tell you if Everlasting T is a complete lie.

So a 98% increase in testosterone, you say? And how do we even measure testosterone anyway? You can’t exactly shove a thermometer in your mouth to see how much you have. You need to visit your doctor to get a blood test. This is the only way to find out.

So, in order to effectively measure the total increase in testosterone from using Everlasting T, you have to get a first blood test done to see your initial testosterone levels, and then you need to get another one done eight weeks later. And then you’d probably want to get another blood test done several months after that to see if the effects, if any, lasted.

This is a lot of effort; more effort than most would put into finding out if the product worked or not. Most people would go by gut feelings and how much better they personally feel. So this is how our review was structured.

Ready to find out if Everlasting T worked?


The packaging is pretty damn lame, honestly. Everlasting T arrives in a cheap envelope, and inside you’ll find your usual artifacts that arrive with a product, such as shipping receipt and advertorials to get you to buy more things from them.

Out comes the bottle. The label on the bottle is like the vanilla ice cream of labels: super plain and super boring. It looks like they were going with a minimalistic approach to its appearance, but it’s too minimalistic for its own good. The bottle itself is also cheaply made; it feels like you’re squeezing a bottle of water when you hold it. The sides squish in so easily, and you feel like if you pick it up the wrong way, the sides will crack or something.

Not impressed.

everlasting-tThe Effectiveness of Everlasting T

Having more testosterone in your body, especially for older men, should solve a multitude of problems that affect males, from low sex-drive, low libido and low energy levels, to sexual performance. Not to mention, more testosterone could also increase muscle mass if you regularly hit the gym.

A majority of these benefits should be noticeable after a few weeks. If you don’t go to the gym very often, you shouldn’t expect to just grow muscles overnight simply because you’re increasing your testosterone levels. That would be just plain silly.

So how did I feel after a week, two weeks, a month, and then two months?

After taking three pills on the first morning, I didn’t notice a thing. That’s to be expected, as it takes time for testosterone levels to go up.

After a week, I still did not notice any immediate health benefits; my sex-drive was the same, I had the same amount of energy, and I certainly had no increase in sexual performance.

After two weeks, I arrived at the same conclusion. At this point, I was beginning to doubt this product.

After a month, I did feel a little different, like maybe my energy levels were increasing, but that could be attributed to a number of things, like me getting better sleep or limiting my caffeine intake. Nothing conclusive as of yet!

After two months, the manufacturer recommended length of time to see up to a 98% increase in testosterone production, no notable improvements could be found. What a shame.

The only thing that could have been attributed to Everlasting T was an increase in energy levels, but like I said, getting better sleep or limiting my caffeine could have stabilized my central nervous system, thereby increasing my energy levels.

What Ingredients are Inside Everlasting T?

The active ingredients are:

Vitamin B6 (5.25mg)
Magnesium (225mg)
Zinc (15 mg)
D-Aspartic Acid (500mg)
Tribulus Terrestris (300mg)
Maca Root (100 mg)
Horny Goat Weed (100mg)

Is Everlasting T a Scam?

Nope. It’s not a scam. Everlasting T is a real product distributed by a real company, and once you place your order, it arrives in a matter of days, depending on where you live.

If you bought a mail-order bride from Romania, flew there to pick her up and bring her back to the United States, and then found yourself in a human trafficking ring with both of your legs missing, that’s a scam.

Where Can I Buy Everlasting T?

You can order Everlasting T from their direct channel.

As always, we recommend that you only buy products from their source. If you buy from a third-party that offers below-market prices, you may orEverlasting-T-Best-Testosterone-Booster-Top-Rated-Natural-Testosterone-Supplement-Proven-to-Increase-Testosterone-Levels-Maximum-Strength-0-3 may not be getting all of the following:

-Imitation products
-Expired goods
-Counterfeit products

It’s best not to gamble, especially with stuff that you’ll be putting into your body. Imitation products could have anything in them, and who the hell knows what will happen to you!

How Many Pills Come in a Bottle?

Each bottle comes with 90 capsules, which equates to one month of doses. You have to shovel three pills into your mouth each morning, so 90 pills isn’t a whole lot, even though it sounds like a ton.

If you want to give this product a shot, you should stick with their recommendation. Modifying the amount of pills you’re ingesting is probably not a good idea, especially if you’re increasing the dose.

How’s the Return Policy?

They tell you that their return policy is 90 days from the date of purchase, and you need to return the used bottle along with any unused bottles you bought to obtain a full refund.

In the fine print, they tell you that not all of their products come with the 90-day guarantee, because some retailers don’t allow them to do that, or some other weasel statement. Before you buy anything from them, ask about the refund policy beforehand, otherwise you might get stuck with crap you don’t want.

Industry-leading return policy? Doesn’t sound like it to me. Tread carefully, folks.

Do They Auto-Bill You? That’s the Worst

They make no mention of this on their website, which makes you a bit uncomfortable. But we’re glad to say that we were not billed for more junk after we placed an order for Everlasting T.

Don’t buy it. It did not work for me, and while it could work for other creatures like aliens or squirrels, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on humans. At least not this human.

Nothing ruins your day more than getting charged for things you don’t want. The companies who do that know they peddle garbage, so they want to suck as much money out of you as possible before you cancel.

While this product didn’t work that well, if at all, at least the auto-billing fiasco that used to be huge seems to be dead.

The Bottom Line

Don’t buy it. It did not for work me, and while it could work for other creatures like aliens or squirrels, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on humans. At least not this human.

Increasing your testosterone is important, but this product will not do it to a satisfactory level, or enough to make a difference.

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