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Ah Santi Review – Should you buy it? 

Ah Santi Male Enhancement Supplement Review Overview Back in the day, Chinese medicine didn’t have the kind of bad reputation…

Ah Santi Male Enhancement Supplement Review


Back in the day, Chinese medicine didn’t have the kind of bad reputation that they have today. Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the last surviving ancient medicine practices that are still used to this day. With medicine offerings that focus on all-natural herbal ingredients, traditional Chinese medicine can offer an alternative to today’s prescription medicine.

Ah Santi is a male enhancement supplement that aims to provide an alternative for today’s most popular erectile dysfunction prescription medicine – Viagra. Like Viagra, Ah Santi promises to provide users with a fast-acting formula that should be effective 25 minutes after taking the product. Unlike most male enhancement pills today, Ah Santi requires no commitment, and you can simply take it before you expect to have sex.

What’s in Ah Santi?

Just like any other all-natural supplement, the secret is within the contents of the product. Ah Santi contains several ingredients which aren’t really special, and to be honest, most of it doesn’t make sense.

Check out what’s in Ah Santi –

  • Collagen – The same collagen you see in beauty products. Typically, we see collagen as a topical product, not as a product that is ingested by the body. There are no studies linking collagen to male sexual health.
  • Amino Acids – There are many amino acids – essential, semi-essential, and non-essential – but all of these have different effects to the body. It would be helpful if they were a bit specific on this content to help us understand what the formula is trying to achieve.
  • Ginseng – A common Chinese herb used in a variety of products including energy drinks and some pre-workout supplements. May help increase stamina.
  • Chinese Herb proprietary blend – the formulation doesn’t discuss the extent of the ingredients used in this blend. It may be where the secret of the formula is, but without having more information about the blend, it would be difficult to make an informed decision.



Based on our experience with male enhancement supplements, we can actually predict that Ah Santi is one of the 95% of products that fail to live up to their claims. Based on what we’ve seen with the best male enhancement supplements, the supplement profile is published since the manufacturer is confident with the effectiveness of the formula. Hiding the entire formulation in a proprietary blend isn’t just shady, it reflects on the doubt that the manufacturer has with their product.


It would have been nice to have just one effective traditional Chinese supplement that is effective, but Ah Santi just proves once again that it’s hard to trust supplements coming from overseas. Sure, Traditional Chinese medicine has a rich history, but now it just seems that companies are taking advantage of traditional Chinese medicine as a way to make money off of unsuspecting customers.

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Rating: F

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