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A Product Review of Green Tea CR

by sexpillpros

Green Tea CR Introduction

preview-full-shutterstock_503851213This particular supplement is created by Purity Products. Basically, it is a dietary product that’s touted to promote increased energy and better brain capacities, encourage cardiovascular wellness, strengthen immunity and help alleviate joint pains. To make all these happen, Green Tea CR is said to have vital antioxidants and other components to sustain healthy blood vessels. These are:  

Vitamin C 60mg

Green Tea Extract 183.68mg – Contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This has a potential to stabilize blood sugar, increase antioxidants, augment metabolism and shed more weight. The caffeine here can also possibly increase brain capacities. Grapeseed Extract 10mg Pine Bark Extract 10mg Ellagic Acid 10mg Citrus Bioflavanoids 10mg Licorice Root Powder 5mg Trans-Resveratrol 10mg – It can possibly enhance your cardiovascular and circulatory conditions as it simultaneously deliver some anti-aging advantages. BCM-95 (Bio-Curcumin) 250mg – This is a compound that’s found in Turmeric. This said compound can possibly enhance the health of the cells and joints. It could also give heightened bioavailability compared to other products with curcumin. Green Tea CR’s company said that the ideal dosage for this supplement is two capsules per day, while they also suggest that you should double your dosage for the first 15 days. Nutritional supplements always bombard us with health benefit claims, but we also know that some of these aren’t real. Supplements like Green Tea CR, featuring an all-in-one product are getting more prominent these days, but is it because they’re effective? Or are these just a result of a marketing hype? Think of the following considerations:

Evaluating the Components in Green Tea CR

Based on its content, Green Tea CR can possibly help in increasing your mental focus and alertness because of the richness of caffeine in it. Pine bark extract can also be effectual for some forms of circulation issues and even mental capacities. Citrus bioflavonoids, on the other hand, can possibly enhance circulation, too. Also, vitamin C and grapeseed extract are prominent antioxidants and being antioxidants mean that they can generate some health gains with prolonged consumption. Nevertheless, the scientific proof that ellagic acid, licorice, resveratrol, or turmeric (curcumin) can generate any health effects to improve your circulatory functions, joint, or mental wellness is weak and lacking. Given all this, despite some of the components in Green Tea CR being possibly effective, it is still crucial that you align your expectations into reality. You can’t just anticipate for your joint pains to just go away, nor can you totally expect for your circulation to significantly enhance. You cannot also completely expect that your brain functions will be at its most excellent state just because you’re using Green Tea CR. Simply put, you cannot put too much faith on what Green Tea CR can do for your health, because it is likely you’ll just be disappointed. What you can expect within reasons is that Green Tea CR can probably help you get slight enhancements in your joints, circulation and brain health.

Marketing Hype on Green Tea CR

As of this writing, there weren’t so many consumer feedbacks online for the said supplement. On the other hand, the company site shows mostly 5-star testimonials from users with most appreciating Green Tea CR’s positive effects in energy, mental clarity, and enhanced overall mood. But there were also many negative feedbacks citing ineffectiveness to generate any substantial effects and the product’s steep cost. A different source for the supplement was through Amazon. There, Green Tea CR had an average of 4 stars with basically similar positive feedbacks and criticisms as mentioned above. Green Tea CR’s company, Purity Products, is mainly headquartered in Plainview, New York. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau where it has an A+ rating. This is despite having almost 160 closed complains as of December 2014. Most of these complaints seem to be about issues with the autoship program like the trouble customers get when they try to cancel their enrollment, inefficient customer support, and the the ineffectiveness of the supplement. But the manufacturer seems to be responsive with these issues. This could be through the BBB site or somewhere else online.

Green Tea CR Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Below are the three buying selections you have with ordering Green Tea CR:

1 Bottle (60 capsules): $54.95 1 Bottle w/Super Saver: $39.95 Buy 4, Get 1 Free: $219.80 Remember that the Super Saver program is their version of an autoship program. This translates to you getting a monthly supply of the product with your credit card being automatically billed $39.95 every delivery of Green Tea CR. Green Tea CR is also offered with a 60-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling. This applies even for opened items. To initiate this, or discontinue your autoship registration, call the customer support at 888-769-7873. This particular supplement is also accessible via Amazon.com with the same price as the Super Saver selection. It can also be bought through CalComp Nutrition.

Final Verdict: Can Green Tea CR Provide a Myriad of Health Benefits?

preview-full-shutterstock_350542424To be straightforward about it, the response is that it’s possible. As mentioned earlier, many of the components in Green Tea CR are clinically tested to generate positive effects for the health, specifically for the joints, circulation and the brain – just what Green Tea CR’s claims are. On the other hand, since each one of us has distinctive bodies and physiologies, the result could vary depending on the user. This may be the reason why the user feedbacks are mixed. It could be efficient for some, but not for others. It is fortunate that you’re given a 60-day period to test the efficacy of the product, whether it’s suitable for you or not. If it doesn’t work, you can opt to return the supplement though shipping and handling fees will be deducted from the refunded amount.  

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