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A Product Review of Defcon 1: How Harmless and Efficient is it?

by sexpillpros

Getting to Know Defcon 1

Naturally, many people who are into sports are always searching for the suitable type of nutritional products to help them last longer in the gym. Some of these products are really effectual in terms of delivering ideal results without any serious side effects, but some turn to be counterfeits and worse, leave adverse reactions to one’s health. Defcon 1 aspires to be the former, claiming it has the right components that went through clinical tests and trials and were shown to provide positive results. It also claims to be capable of delivering some remarkable pumps into your muscles without waiting for a long time. Defcon 1 can be bought online since it is available in some online resellers, offering customers convenience. It is usually sold at the price of $49.99.

About the Company and its Assertions

preview-full-shutterstock_179743580This particular product that’s taken before workout is developed by Platinum Labs, a company that is based in Australia. They also produce many other supplements designed for athletic use. The company asserts that the products they create are ideal for individuals who aspire to improve their athletic performance by giving them more energy and endurance that will leave them still invigorated even after intense workouts. They intend to address exhaustion issues, which stop you from training further. Furthermore, it is claimed that Defcon 1 is useful because it helps your brain to maintain its concentration while training and this kind of focus bonds with the muscles. Thus, the result is intense training with minimal exhaustion because the brain is sufficiently pumped up for the rigorous action. With this, you’re more likely to obtain your physical and athletic objectives.

Understanding How the Product Function

Platinum Labs said that Defcon 1 functions by boosting the brain’s concentration on the training itself, which connects the brain to the muscles. The manufacturer states that the supplement has ‘Nootropic’ components. These are the ones that increase the brain’s dealings with the muscles during training, so that you can have the greatest results from the said workouts. Moreover, this product has components that are useful in improving your mood, so that when you work out, you generally feel good. When you feel great during workouts, you increase your overall physical performance while training as well.

What are the Components in Defcon 1?

Here are the elements present in Defcon 1’s formula: CDP choline: this distinct component is only included in a few products. It is present in Defcon 1 as means to improve mental capacities. This is achieved by rousing brain metabolism to heighten the capabilities of the brain. Creatine HCL: mixed with HCL, this component is said to be absorbed quickly compared to other forms of creatine. This is involved in Defcon 1’s formulation to increase the growth of the muscle cells. Beta-Alanine: this naturally-occurring amino acid is utilized to boost physical functionalities; that’s why it is often used by sports professionals and enthusiasts. This component is included in Defcon 1’s formula with the purpose of giving further force and aiding in the developing of lean muscle mass.

Proper Dosage of Defcon 1

The suggested dosage of Defcon 1 is 1 serving 30 minutes prior to starting your training. To see its maximized potential, you can also consume 1 serving even on your rest days.

Product Features of Defcon 1

preview-full-shutterstock_507146413This supplement aids in the boosting of your muscle growth without waiting for a long time. Defcon 1 promotes further stamina, so you can last longer and perform better in your training. It has a component for the brain that makes it function with more focus, making you mentally geared up as well. It provides nuclear pumps to your muscles. Defcon 1 increases your energy levels, so that you won’t feel so exhausted. The supplement is also valuable in terms of enhancing and regulating your blood flow. Defcon 1 comes from a company with a credible background and image. This product has also gone through studies and tests and was proven to be harmless and efficient to use. Defcon 1 can also improve your mood, so that your workouts become more pleasurable as well. It provides muscle sparing when you’re working out. Defcon 1 offers 3 flavors: pineapple, watermelon and cream soda. Safety and Health Precautions for Defcon 1 People below 18 years old are not advised to take Defcon 1. It is not ideal for this supplement to be blended with other products that have caffeine or synephrine. Defcon 1 should not be taken for more than 8 weeks. Women who are expecting and breastfeeding moms are advised to stay away from this product.

What Are the Adverse Reactions Associated with Defcon 1?

Thus far, there are no confirmed instances of adverse reactions linked to the use of this supplement.

What about Potential Interactions?

In the case that you’re taking anti-depressant drugs, aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prescriptions that have phenylephrine, ephedrine, and others; the use of Defcon 1 is not advised.

What Users Have to Say?

There are some positive feedbacks about Defcon 1, saying that there’s improvement noticed in terms of energy boost and mental improvement. Muscle pumps were also reported to be one of the improvements Defcon 1 can bring. On the other hand, some say that although there are definitely some changes, they’re not great enough.

Bottom Line: Is Defcon 1 the Real Deal?

Basically, this supplement is a new pre-workout product in the market. It guarantees positive changes that include mental focus enhancement, as well as increased energy, power and stamina during your training session. It features nootropic substances that are said to be behind the supplement’s capacity to improve the brain’s dealings with the muscles, so that the body performs better and achieves greater outcome. Lastly, Defcon 1 is available in 3 flavorings that you’ll find delectable. These are watermelon, cream soda and pineapple.  

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