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A Product Review of BioTrust: How Safe and Effectual Is This?

by sexpillpros

BioTrust Introduction

BioTrust is a company built back in 2012 with the goal of supplying nutritional products. It is based in Aurora, Colorado and it focuses on creating natural supplements of just the suitable dosage made from components of premier quality. The founders of the company Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion are also best-selling authors. Their books and numerous TV features have supported several individuals worldwide in terms of weight loss and staying well. BioTrust is dedicated in supporting and inspiring individuals with the help of healthy eating and reduced body fat. In the end, a healthier body will be achieved through these. Additionally, the company aids in the contribution of foods that are filled with nutrition, sanitary water, and suitable medical offerings to those families who need it. BioTrust is able to do so through their charitable activities, which make a portion per dollar donation.

The Features in the Product


The product’s creators who use health supplements themselves realized that several of natural supplements don’t actually have as much as the potent components as they’re claiming. Most customers possibly suppose that all health supplements are strictly controlled and sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration, though this is not the case at all times. The product’s official site cites this as a case in point: “A product may claim 100 mg of an exotic fat-burning ingredient while containing only 20 mg, or in many cases, none at all.” So, BioTrust considers the truth that other companies don’t always function in a way that favors customers completely as their true intent is not to impose positive health changes, but just to earn profits off people’s hard-earned money. With this, BioTrust aims to give natural health supplements composed of ingredients of premier quality. The manufacturer asserts that all of their supplements are totally without hormones, antibiotics, and other synthetic components. They’re said to function by giving just the right amount of quantity for each component. In addition, BioTrust ensures that all their nutritional supplements have the precise dosage as printed on their labels. Their “7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol” guarantees this through the following:

Exceptional developers

Utilization of ingredients within suitable scientific dosing Use of purely, natural components sans artificial, harmful ingredients The testing of the raw components for guaranteed safety and efficiency The manufacturing process is sanctioned by FDA Involvement of independent quality assurance trial Presence of Scientific Advisory Board evaluation

BioTrust’s Other Nutritional Supplements


The company provides an assortment of health products, which includes products focusing on weight loss, muscle development and overall health. These are in the forms of pills, protein cookies, and protein bars. There’s also an available gear section that offers t-shirts, blender bottles and vitamin chests. Other products that BioTrust offers are as follows (not the comprehensive list): BCAA Matrix

BioTrust Low Carb

IC-5: This is superior insulin for carbohydrate management Leptiburn: This is a superior fat-torching hormone support supplement Pro-X10: A superior probiotic and GI health formula taken to enlarge muscle, burn fat, and to improve overall health

BioTrust Cost

The costs of BioTrust products differ extensively. This depends on the type of supplement, of course. For example, the prices of bottles range from $49 to $67. Cookies and protein boxes go from $30 and $40. No free shipping for BioTrust’s items, so customers will need to cover the shipping expenses. Customers buying directly from the company have the selection of purchasing two and obtaining the third one for free, or buy four products and get two more for free. In any case that you’re displeased with the items, the company provides a one-year money-back guarantee. With this, you can return the unused product for a complete refund of your payment.

BioTrust Product Features

All BioTrust products and their ingredients have the precise quantity as indicated on their labels. This is unlike others with misleading nutrition content. The nutritional products are put through a “7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol” for further evaluation. There are assortments of health products, which depend on your personal and health requirements. Whatever you need that is related to health improvement, weight loss and physical leanness is provided by BioTrust. All these products are made of ingredients that are claimed to be purely natural. There’s a selection where you can buy 2 products and get 1 free, or buy 4 and get 2 free. This allows you to save money, especially if you’re a regular customer of BioTrust. The refund policy lasts for a year, which gives you more than enough time to decide whether BioTrust products are good for you or not.

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