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Perfect Ways to Propose to Your Perfect Lady

by Sexpillpros Staff

If there’s one thing I understand, it’s that men have difficulty proposing to their lady. This statement is generally assumed, especially considering I’ve seen men go through the process. For instance, my brother went to propose to his now-wife and froze up instantly. He practiced the speech several times and thought he’d get it down right, but he just couldn’t function when it came time to follow through.

Now, a big part of that whole nervousness is due to men not knowing, or not finding, the perfect way to propose to their perfect lady. Some men practice and practice the speech, and when the time comes, they don’t think it’s good enough, and they don’t think she’ll say ‘yes,’ hence the freak-out.

Well, I have quite a few suggestions for you to avoid this occurrence from happening. If you plan out the perfect way to do it and the perfect speech, you’ll be able to go through the motions fluidly.

Let me clarify what I’m here to do; I’m not here to guide you through what to do when you propose. Rather, I’m here to guide you through the setup process. For example, should you propose to her in public or in private? Should you do it outdoors or indoors?

Keep in mind, every woman is different, and they’ll all have different preferences. All I’m going to do is give you a ton of options below for you to take a look at. If you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with this lovely lady, you’ll read the suggestions and know immediately which one to take and turn into your reality.

Think of them as mini stories that you’re going to visualize. Picture you and her in the moment, in the scene I quickly construct and see what her reaction is. If it’s not perfect, don’t do it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime ordeal, so make sure it’s everything the two of you have ever dreamed of.

Let’s get started!

If you want to propose to her in public…

  1. Perfect Ways to Propose to Your Perfect LadyIf she likes to be outdoors, consider a park. Pack a picnic and get the chocolate covered strawberries out. Bring a bottle of champagne while you’re at it, but try to hide this until it’s time to celebrate.
  2. If she likes to sky-gaze, bring her to an open rooftop that’s not a ‘no trespassing’ zone. Go there at night and bring a few blankets, some to lie on and some to keep the two of you warm if it starts to get chilly. Gaze at the stars and wait for the perfect moment.
  3. Take a dance lesson with her, but organize the event so that a band shows up to play the music for the night instead of a stereo. Be sure to have them play one of her favorite love songs and wait until the end to get down on your knee.

If you want to propose to her on a destination vacation…

  1. Instead of just proposing on the beach, try to add a twist. Build a sandcastle together. When it’s fully built and she turns her back on you, put the ring at the top of the castle and gaze at her beauty. She’ll realize it’s there soon enough.
  2. At the end of a day filled with excursions, take her to the hotel bar downstairs for a relaxing drink. While you’re at the bar, arrange for the hotel staff to set up a romantic scene in your room with candles, flowers, and champagne. When you return to ‘go to bed,’ you’ll be all set up to do the proposal.

If you want to do a homemade proposal…

  1. Target your old school days and head outside to the driveway with some chalk. Spell out the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ Bring her out to the driveway stating that you drew a picture of some sort and watch as her eyes grow wide in amazement.
  2. Tie a ribbon of any color between two places in your house or apartment. Attach pictures and notes with the details of your relationship along the length of the ribbon. Then, when she reaches the end, you’ll already be down on one knee looking up at her with the ring in her hand.

If you want to be playful with it…

  1. Take her to a drive-in movie theater showcasing one of her favorite romantic movies. Act out a playful scene. When you’re done, look back at her, get down on that knee of yours, and pop the question.
  2. Make it obvious. Ask her what her ring size is, pry out of her what type of ring she wants, and try to figure out how she’d want you to do it. In the midst of her talking to you about a potential proposal, whip out the ring you’ve already bought for her and ask her the question you’ve been dying to ask her this entire time.

If you want to do a seasonal proposal…

  1. Perfect Ways to Propose to Your Perfect LadyFall: Wait until the leaves start falling from the trees. Rake up a bunch, and make sure you have enough to spell out the question. Be at the end of the question mark with the ring in hand for her to see.
  2. Winter: Build a snowman. This one may be hard if you’re not a good artist, but it’s worth a try (and you can practice at a friend’s house beforehand if you’d like). Sculpt the snowman in the shape of someone proposing. Then, when she sees the snowman, be right alongside him in the same position waiting for her answer.
  3. Spring: Have your friend help you out with this one. He/she will plant an ‘unexpected picnic’ somewhere private in the park for the two of you. They’ll obviously keep an eye on it to make sure no one takes the goods until you get there. Once you ‘happen’ upon it with your lady, immediately get down on that knee and confess the cute setup you’ve got going on.
  4. Summer: Propose under those nice summer stars. Make it even more special and wait until a meteor shower or lunar eclipse is predicted to happen.

If you want a surprise party to be involved…

Make sure she’d be down for this, as some women like the scene to be intimate.

  1. Want to propose at a park? Have your friends and family come out from behind the woods-like areas once she’s said yes.
  2. Want to propose in an intimate setting? Do it. If she says yes, good for you. That’s when you bring her ‘home,’ to which home will actually be a rented out hall or restaurant room where all of your loved ones will be waiting to join in on the excitement.

I hope these suggestions helped! And don’t forget, you can still get creative and think up of your own ideas, too. Good luck, guys!


By Jenny Lyn

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