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  • woman holding brain in hand, thinking, cunning


    Mind Games Your Woman’s Playing On You

    A woman is subtle. She communicates differently than you and can be difficult to understand. Truth is, she can be frustrating no matter how much...

  • food pyramid, balanced food, food samples


    Lies of the Food Pyramid

    I’m sure you’re familiar with the Food Pyramid, the government’s recommendations for a healthy diet. Food Pyramids have been a symbolic representation of nutrition for...

  • happy fit man running on treadmill in gym


    Tips to Stay Safe When You Work Out

    Whenever you undertake any kind of physical activity, there’s always the possibility that you might hurt yourself. Whether it’s specifically working out, or simply an...

  • creamy greek yogurt with blueberry


    5 Benefits Of Yogurt

    Many people think yogurt is spoiled milk, but it’s actually fermented lactose from milk. So, bacteria ferments the sugar of milk and creates yogurt. I...

  • post it note with sex schedule, busy


    How Does The Frequency of Sex Affect Your Health?

    Though by some, sex is viewed as an “addiction” of sorts, most others believe that sex is highly beneficial and necessary for happiness, a proper...

  • Nutrition

    What Are The Foods That Can Trigger Depression?

    Foods are essential nourishment for the body. But, with how foods are produced and processed these days, many of them don’t provide nutrients anymore. In...

  • Health

    5 Cancer Warning Signs You Need to Know

    While researchers have accomplished remarkable achievements in the fight against cancer, this life-threatening disease continues to proliferate. As a matter of fact, it’s still one...

  • Health

    Can You Be Eating Too Much Fiber? What Effects Can It Have on the Body?

    Looking at the population of the United States as a whole, no one would really argue that there is a problem with too many people...

  • Male UltraCore male enhancement pills


    Male UltraCore™ Review: Is It Worth Buying

    It’s so easy to mix up male enhancement supplements based on the number of products out in the market today. Many of them make the...

  • Health

    Prevent Diabetes with these 5 Tips

    Diabetes affects millions of people in the world. If not addressed properly through certain medical measures, it can lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart disease,...