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  • pleased woman in bed having orgasm


    How to Know if She Faked Her Orgasm

    So you’ve done the deed. You climaxed, it’s over. And you’re pretty sure she did too. But did she?           Your...

  • Paleo spelled with food


    Going Paleo

    What Is the Paleo Diet?             The paleo diet, short for paleolithic diet, reflects the diet of early man. Things such as meats, fish, nuts,...

  • Vitamin D Salmon, egg, mushroom, milk


    Vitamin D Boosts Athletic Performance

     In a recently published issue of Arthroscopy, the Arthroscopy Association of North America’s official journal, the editorial commentary discussed how Vitamin D is important...

  • woman smelling his man, attracted to perfume


    Her Nose Knows

    Of our five main senses smell is the strongest. So, how can you capitalize on that?  The right cologne, of course. Cologne can make you...

  • frustrated man covering face with hands


    3 Fears That Haunt You

    As a man, you’re expected to jump in front of the danger at all times. Protect your significant other, children, and anyone else who may...

  • cup of brewed coffee with beans


    Top 8 Add-Ons To Supercharge Your Coffee

    Just a decade ago, coffee was not often praised for its health benefits. Instead, you would have heard many warnings about drinking coffee regularly being...

  • pain gain written on both hands


    Pain is Gain, or is it?

    Do you know the saying, “pain is gain”? Well, if you don’t, the basic meaning behind it is that if you’re hurting while trying to...

  • athletic men and woman doing box jump workout


    How to Determine the Best Workout Plan For You

    Starting to exercise isn’t as simple as just going to the gym and deciding to start. Working out can mean completely different things to different...

  • bad carbs, no to sweets, sugary treats, cake

    Weight Loss

    The Worst Carbs You Can Eat: Avoid These Foods to Stay Thin

    Many people strictly use calories as their guide to weight loss, however not all calories are created equal. This is especially true when it comes...

  • fitness supplements protein


    3 Effective Exercise Supplements With No Side Effects

    Exercise and athletic performance supplements are manufactured and promoted to improve endurance and strength, as well as to increase exercise efficiency and tolerance for intense...