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  • naked couple man having more sex drive


    For Better or Worst: The Sex Life of Men 25 or Over

    The sex life of men 25 and over are completely different than the one they once lived in their earlier years. Hormones change, the experimental...

  • family hugging each other after terrible news of dying


    6 Reactions People Have When You Tell Them You’re Dying

    Whether you find out you are dying by yourself or with your family and friends present, once your loved ones find out it can be...

  • healthy grains for breakfast


    Grains for Fast-Breaking Nutrients

    You don’t need to be told again. You’ve been hearing about the importance of breakfast all your life. You must eat a healthy meal when...

  • healthy man making the right food choices


    Health Habits You Need in Your 20’s and 30’s

    By staying healthy in your 20’s and 30’s you will have less of a chance of contracting heart diseases. You can stay healthy into your...

  • muscular man lifting heavy barbell higher stamina


    How to Up Your Game at the Gym

    Whether you are planning on running more, lifting more, or just trying to spend more time in the gym, you are probably looking for effective...

  • herbal supplements, gingko biloba, ginger, anise


    Top 5 Herbal Supplements Consumed by Americans

            Since 2000, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, an association composed of dietary supplement and functional food manufacturers, has sponsored the annual...

  • pleased woman in bed having orgasm


    How to Know if She Faked Her Orgasm

    So you’ve done the deed. You climaxed, it’s over. And you’re pretty sure she did too. But did she?           Your...

  • Paleo spelled with food


    Going Paleo

    What Is the Paleo Diet?             The paleo diet, short for paleolithic diet, reflects the diet of early man. Things such as meats, fish, nuts,...

  • Vitamin D Salmon, egg, mushroom, milk


    Vitamin D Boosts Athletic Performance

              In a recently published issue of Arthroscopy, the Arthroscopy Association of North America’s official journal, the editorial commentary discussed how Vitamin D is important...

  • woman smelling his man, attracted to perfume


    Her Nose Knows

    Of our five main senses smell is the strongest. So, how can you capitalize on that?  The right cologne, of course. Cologne can make you...