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  • Weight Loss

    Tips to Stop Overeating

    It’s easy to reach into the bag of chips for a second, perhaps third, time. When greeted with a buffet, the vast arrangement of food...

  • Fitness

    The Benefits of Swimming

    Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right workout routine that works for you. There are so many possibilities in the world of fitness...

  • Health

    Caring for Your Parents as They Age

    Approximately 10 million people over age fifty are caring for elderly parents in the US. As our parents age, their needs and circumstances change and...

  • Health

    Benefits and Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Testosterone replacement therapy is a modern attempt to replace testosterone that was lost either due to age or a health related condition. Testosterone is primarily...

  • Nutrition

    Foods You Did Not Realize Were Healthy

    Some foods have a bad reputation for causing obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer. Sometimes, this reputation has its merit. Sugar, for example, is...

  • Sex

    How to Set the Mood in a Gentleman-Like Way

    I’ve had a lot of expectations in life while maturing as an adult woman. I thought by age 25 I would be moved out of...

  • Health

    Should I try a Juice Cleanse? The Pros and Cons

    When choosing to lose weight through dietary meals, there are many options to consider. Some diets include the vegan diet, the zone diet, the Atkins...

  • ripped guy lifting a kettle bell by his shoulder


    Some of the All-Time Best Health Tips

    There are a lot of men’s health tips out there, so which ones are the best? Here are the all-time best health tips for men....

  • man holding his crotch and holding up a problem sign


    5 Signs That Tell You You’ve Got A Penile Problem

     To maintain your sexual health, your penis needs to be healthy in the first place. However, penis health is not just all about erections...

  • fit shirtless guy measuring his waist



    Eating disorders are typically associated with women, but a new eating disorder has emerged that targets men. This disorder is called “muscle dysmorphia” and can...