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Not Using Lube During Sex? Here’s Why You Definitely Should Be!

by Sexpillpros Staff
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Sex is one of the most fascinating activities that people can participate in. This activity does not only offer a person – as well as their partner – an immense level of sexual pleasure but also offers them a significant amount of benefits. Sex is known to benefit the body, the mind, and the soul; which is why many healthcare professionals and sex therapists often recommend couples have sex on a regular basis to help them gain the advantages that sex has to offer them. Unfortunately, sex can be somewhat uncomfortable when things get dry “down there,” causing friction to build up, which could quickly lead to irritation and pain. Using lube during sex, however, can help to avoid these problems and even lead to more pleasurable sexual intercourse. Thus, intensifying the experience of both partners and making them want to participate in this beneficial activity more than ever before.

Even though lube is one of the best ways to spice up sexual intercourse, many people are still unsure what particular type of sex lubricant they should use, how they should use these lubricants and why they should use these products in the first place. In this article, we hope to help our readers understand the use of lube during sex – even during self-sex – better, so that they can to experience a greater level of satisfaction during sexual activity.

The Benefits of Sexual Intercourse and Masturbation

getting steamy in bedSexual intercourse has a significant number of health benefits for the human body. Research has proven sex to be good for psychological and physiological wellbeing. According to Supplement View, some of the most important benefits to consider includes the fact that sex improves the immune system, helps to improve bladder control amongst women, acts as a form of physical exercise and even helps to reduce levels of blood pressure. Sex also boosts libido, which means the more sex you have, the more you will want to have sex. Research also suggests that sex is an excellent remedy for relieving painful symptoms in the body, and this particular activity reduces a man’s risk of developing cancer within his prostate.

The Benefits of Using Lubricant During Sex and Masturbation

Some people prefer not to use lube during sex, but they often do not know just how beneficial the inclusion of lubricant can be for their sex lives. Marie Claire explains that one of the most beneficial features of lubricant is the fact that this particular “accessory” helps you to get to the part penetration part of sex faster. Penetration will also be significantly easier since dryness can cause irritation and pain for both the male and the female. In fact, Marie Claire continues to report that utilizing lubricant during sexual intercourse might make sex as much as 50% easier since the pathway for the penis to enter the vagina will be smoother and less dry, which makes it significantly easier to penetrate without having to opt for another form of lubrication, such as spit, which often proofs to be a bad choice.

Even when masturbating, the use of lubricant gel for male or female individuals can significantly increase the sensation of the activity and help the person experience an elevated level of sexual pleasure. This could also lead to a more intense orgasm, even when there is no partner involved in sexual activity.

What Lubricant Gel Should You Use?

It can be somewhat confusing to choose the perfect lubricant gel for your particular needs. Since every person is different and every couple enjoys sex in their own way, one particular type of lubricant may not work for everyone. For many people, experimenting with different types of lubricant gels can be the most appropriate method of determining which lubes work best for a particular person – and, of course, their partner.

Lubricants generally come in three primary varieties – these varieties refer to the base used to produce the lubricant. The base of a lubricant may include either oil, silicon or water. The particular type of lubricant used by a person will depend on many different factors.

  • If you find that sex is excessively dry and cause a significant amount of friction, then a silicon-based lubricant might be an appropriate choice for you due to the increased wetness offered by these lubricants.
  • Oil-based lubricants also offer excessive wetness, making it significantly easier to penetrate a partner. These lubricants are also appropriate for pleasuring yourself.
  • Water-based lubricants are often considered the most popular and most preferred choice when it comes to sex lubricants. Water-based lubricants might not provide the same amount of wetness as silicon or oil-based lubricant, but these lubes do not contain any additives, which means these are the safest type of lubricant to use during sex and masturbation.

How to Use Lubricant Gel?

There are many different ways lubricants can be used to spice up a person’s sex life. Lubricants can offer a great deal of pressure for both two partners participating in sexual intercourse and for an individual person who enjoys masturbating. The first step is to choose the best type of lubricant for you – make sure the lubricant you choose is good for your partner as well – then you should learn how to properly use lubricant gel.

lube and an open condom packetCosmopolitan recommends always using a little lubricant when masturbating – even when using a vibrator or another type of sex toy, lubricant gel can heighten the level of satisfaction you experience. When vaginal intercourse is on the table, lubricant gel should also be considered essential to avoid dryness, irritation and possibly painful sex.

Another excellent tip is to place a little lubricant on the inside of a condom before placing it on the man’s penis. This can considerably increase the sensation he experiences during sex. Even when simply giving another person a blow job, lubricant can still help to improve sensation and even make it easier for the person “delivering the deed.”

What are the Side Effects of Lubricant Gel?

While lubricants can be a great way to improve your sex life, you should also consider the potential side effects that some lubricant gels may have. Firstly, a water-based lubricant does not contain any additives; this is usually considered the safest and best option when looking for a good lubricant. With other lubricants, however, potential risk factors are to be considered

Silicon and oil-based lubricants are known to be considerably harder to wash off afterward, which makes cleaning up after sex much harder. Additionally, the risk of obtaining a urinary tract infection during sex when using one of these two lubricant choices is also much higher. Yeast infections are also much higher amongst individuals who use a lubricant with a silicon or oil base.


Sex is an essential part of a healthy relationship and also contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Research has proven sex to be beneficial for improving sleep, enhancing the immune system and even assisting with improving the symptoms of depression. When it gets dry down under during sex, things can become uncomfortable and even painful. With the use of the right lube during sex, this activity can become significantly more pleasurable. Here we discussed the most appropriate ways of using lubricant for sex – even when it is just with yourself.

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