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No Joke: These 5 Nutrients Will Fire Up Your Metabolism

by Mike Stewart
  There’s a reason why our parents always told us to say our prayers, take our vitamins, and eat our green leafy vegetables. That’s because they contain vitamins that support your overall health and reduce the likelihood of contracting ailments, and preventing sickness. Moreover, they help to increase our metabolic activity, which is why you’re reading this article in the first place: because a quick metabolism means faster weight loss and improved energy levels. That’s just par for the course, and all the more reason to take the right vitamins that will help you lose weight: because they will help you effectively process energy-providing macronutrients so the cells can function at the highest possible level as it burns fat and retains energy for future use. Read up to see which vitamins and minerals fire up your metabolism.  

An important note about metabolism

But before anything else, it’s absolutely imperative to mention that no amount of multivitamin supplements will make up for the devastating effects of consuming an unhealthy diet. The key to keeping a healthy metabolism is by getting enough nutrients and eating enough food. That’s because not eating the right amount will have your body go into “hibernate” mode and slow down metabolism due to the lack of nutrients and food. It’s best to consume a wide array of organic and nutritious vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to gain healthy cholesterol, as well as fibrous whole grain foods that keep your body in tip-top shape. Taking in a healthy diet promotes the growth of good intestinal bacteria, helping you digest food with more ease while giving your immunity a boost. A balanced diet supports health metabolism, therefore cover your bases as necessary. No supplement works without exercise and a healthy diet, after all. Before we get to our list of metabolism-boosting nutrients, we must mention that there is no magic pill that fixes everything: the only way to really achieve is to combine all three elements to help you get on the right track.  

5 Nutrients to Boost Your Metabolism

1) B Vitamins

No Joke: These 5 Nutrients Will Fire Up Your MetabolismThere’s no surprise about the #1 metabolism-boosting vitamin out there: they are the B-vitamins. B-vitamins allow the body to metabolize food, therefore taking a supplement with a high-quality vitamin B complex may help you achieve this goal. Look for supplements that contain a wide array of B-vitamins, especially B6, which creates L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps burn fat for energy. What’s not to love?  

2) Magnesium

Don’t make the mistake of underrating magnesium — the mineral itself is involved in hundreds of bodily reactions and processes, metabolism included. Magnesium helps make sure that your system runs as intended by eating food rich in magnesium, such as the aforementioned green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, and wheat. Not only does magnesium support metabolism, but also digestive health and stress management.  

3) A good multivitamin supplement

Not all multivitamins are created alike. Not even blends are alike. For instance, a multivitamin with omega-3 fatty acids can help increase metabolism, while one without the latter may not help as much. Thyroid health is key to regulating physical metabolism. Moreover, the thyroid gland creates hormones that burn calories and govern the body’s metabolic system. For instance, vital nutrients like zinc, omega-3s, iodine, selenium, and vitamin D are needed for optimal hormonal production. The sad part is, vitamin D, omega-3s, and zinc are among the most common nutritional deficiencies that Americans face, which is why multivitamins are a necessary part of your arsenal to build up your metabolism. Ultra MVP is one of our favorite multivitamins that provides ample amounts of high-quality vitamins and minerals designed for optimum male performance. On the other hand, fish oil supplement are also plentiful — yet another one of our favorites is Ultra Omega, which packs just the right amount of omegas that drive metabolism. Good stuff.  

4) Fish Oil

No Joke: These 5 Nutrients Will Fire Up Your MetabolismFish oil helps boost energy production in cellular mitochondria, making muscles stronger and less prone to tiring out — meaning more fat and calories burned.  Paired with Coenzyme Q10, fish oil and CoQ10 make great bedfellows for boosting energy levels.  

5) Iron and a bit of creatine

Iron and creatine help supply oxygen or energy to the mitochondria, known as the cell’s energy plant, to hasten metabolism and energy efficiency produced within cells. Better still, you’ll definitely notice the undoubted effects of increased iron and creatine consumption. You’ll find that you have the stamina to go longer, harder, and stronger every time you suit up to perform, which in turn increases metabolic rate and reduces weight altogether. While creatine remains to be a compound that muscles use to keep reserves of energy in the body, and while iron supplies the muscles with oxygen and helping them shave off extra fat, both can be used to create a unified front to increase metabolic rates. It must be noted that while muscles can only store a bit of creatine, a supplement containing creatine monohydrate may suffice and provide enough of the substance to benefit your muscles. Also, it must be noted that when iron supply is low, energy supply is affected, leading to an overall decrease in your metabolic rate. It goes without saying that any changes to your diet, medication, and supplements need to be overseen by your primary healthcare provider. After all, slow metabolisms may be a result of a more serious underlying health issue. For instance, symptoms of hypothyroidism include a lethargic metabolic rate, apart from common side symptoms like tiredness and insomnia. So, therefore, if you feel like your metabolism needs a little tune-up, or if you’re concerned that your slowing metabolism is a symptom of underlying health problems, consult your doctor right away. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in the end.

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