Male Ultracore Review – Is it worth buying?

Here’s a disturbing stat – 70% of all male enhancement supplements available today are just rehashed versions of old supplements that got shut down because of their bad reputation. Plenty of supplement companies simply recycle old formulas instead of creating new ones because it’s far cheaper to re-brand than to invest in research.

What this means for you is there is a huge chance that you are buying supplements that you already discarded before – it’s like buying your own trash and wasting your money twice.

In this industry, new products that start from scratch are relatively rare, even rarer are products that introduce a breakthrough technology that redefines the entire industry. Male Ultracore claims that it has a new formula that greatly changes the way you think about male performance supplements. Male Ultracore promises that you will greatly improve your sexual performance in just a month, by taking the supplements daily.

If anything, these claims are common with supplements that we found out to be fakes or scams. We set out to find out if Male Ultracore is indeed a legitimate supplement or just one of the other supplements that want to sell you your own trash. As a bonus, we opted to test the supplements ourselves to give you our firsthand take on the supplement. If the supplement is indeed as cutting-edge as they claim, we should experience the results and share our take on it with you. Read the rest of our review to know the results we got from Male Ultracore!

What you need to know about Male Ultracore

Even though there are plenty of sites that have reviewed Male Ultracore, it’s quite surprising that there is a serious lack of information about the most basic of details.

Here are some of them:

  1. Male Ultracore isn’t new.
    Male Ultracore is a new brand, but it’s made by a company that has been around for a long time. We won’t mention the company, but it’s the same group of people that came up with the first clinically-tested penis enlargement pill. Suffice to say, the people behind Male Ultracore know what they are doing.
  2. Male Ultracore is a versatile supplement
    You can use it just like your daily multivitamin, or you can use it as an instant erectogenic a-la Viagra. For best results, you can take Male Ultracore every morning, and pop another pill whenever you plan to have sex.
  3. Male Ultracore has a money-back guarantee
    Only the best products in the market sport real, ironclad money-back guarantees, and Male Ultracore have one of the best guarantees in the market. Basically, you have up to 90 days to evaluate the pill, and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it for a full refund. Careful, though. You’ll need to purchase directly from the main website to cover your purchase with the guarantee.
  4. You can take it together with your penis enlargement pill
    Since Male Ultracore doesn’t improve penis size, you can use it as an add-on to your penis enlargement pill formula to increase your performance while increasing your size. Be mindful of your tolerance, though. If the formula is too intense for you, we strongly advice that you take half doses of each until you feel comfortable about your dosage.


Male Ultracore Results

Three of us on our staff tested Male Ultracore, and surprisingly, our results were quite similar. We had different supplement backgrounds (I was a penis enlargement junkie while our editor virtually had zero experience with male enhancement pills).  I won’t get ahead of myself, but it does show that Male Ultracore could be consistent in its results.

I first tried Male Ultracore as an instant erectogenic since I was still okay with the penis enlargement pill that I am taking. Surprisingly, Male Ultracore gave me a different kind of boost for sex. It worked faster than I expected (around 30 minutes after taking the first dose), and the boost in libido was intense as it was satisfying.

Everyone who tested Male Ultracore had the same experience reminiscent of your best sex during your younger days – when you were still able to perform wildly without caution. It was as if my body was dictating what to do to give me and my partner the most pleasurable experience. My first time taking Male Ultracore was definitely unforgettable, and I needed to have more of it.

Next, I took Male Ultracore as my daily supplement. I also stopped taking my penis enlargement pill to give focus to Male Ultracore. At first, it didn’t have the same in-your-face impact as my first time, but I didn’t encounter problems with it during the day. It’s important to note that it doesn’t actively boost your libido, which results in awkward erections. Rather, it prepares your body to respond when aroused. That’s probably why I experienced such mind-blowing results on my first dose and only experienced another mind-blowing sex after my fifth dose. During the three days in between, I didn’t have sex, although I was expecting to get turned on just because I took an aphrodisiac.

Male Ultracore certainly doesn’t fit the profile of the aphrodisiacs that I normally take. It doesn’t make you unnaturally turned on with just the slightest touch. Another important benefit of Male Ultracore that we all agreed we experienced is our improved sensitivity to sexual arousal and pleasure. To describe the experience with Male Ultracore, it’s a lot like having sex for the first time, but you can control your pleasure so you won’t climax too early. Imagine having sex like that every single time and each time will be a bit better than your last one – that’s the complete Male Ultracore experience.

We went into this test thinking that we’re about to expose a scam, but we encountered a gem instead. I have personally tried more than 20 different male enhancement products, and this is the first one that gave me such mind-blowing results.

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