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Male Supplement Scams

by sexpillpros
Scams. It’s a word we all hate to hear, but unfortunately, scams are a reality we have to face. You’re much better off reading up on what works and what doesn’t than blindly purchasing a bunch of male enhancement supplements that are going to do absolutely nothing for you, or worse, make your life a lot more difficult. You’re in luck, though: we’ve done the research for you. Here, we cover what sex pills are scams based on faulty or weak ingredients, fake “clinical tests” and “doctor recommendations,” side effects, and products that literally don’t even exist. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the headache that is a scam – you’re smarter than that.
  1. Fake or weak ingredients

    Male enhancement product scams often involve a product containing fake or weak ingredients. Scams involving fake or weak ingredients can be difficult to recognize. Thankfully, science provides us with a simple method for determining if the product is a scam. Enhance9 is a male enhancement product that provides the list of ingredients used in their special formula. L-arginine is one of the key ingredients necessary for achieving prolonged erections.A quick look at the facts will enable you to determine for yourself if a product is valid or a scam.  Enhance9 claims to produce longer lasting erections. The ingredient list for Enhance9 does NOT include L-arginine. Hence, it is safe to declare that Enhance9 is a scam.
  1. Fake “clinical tests” and “Doctor Recommendations”

    Male enhancement products will often claim to be endorsed by doctors. Yet, there is a very high chance the endorsement was fabricated. Scammers use fake endorsements to lure people into a false state of trust. A scam website might even go as far as posting a video of a fake doctor’s endorsement.  You should always verify the credentials of the doctors endorsing the product; scammers could easily script and produce a believable endorsement video. The best way to avoid scams is by researching available information on the product’s credentials or customer reviews. 
  1. Scam Billing- Products that sign you up for other subscriptions you didn’t order

    Auto-billing scams are associated with numerous male enhancement products. Auto-billingscams are when a company ships a free trial to your address in exchange for a shipping and service fee paid electronically. A company involved with auto-billing scamming will then proceed to continually withdraw money as a requested service fee for additional services. 
  1. Product never arrives – you pay and get nothing

    Another common scam involves tricking people into ordering a false product. Oxyrect is an excellent example of this male enhancement product scam. The company that manufactures Oxyrect claims their product was developed by Dr. Harold Rothstein who is the director of the Chicago Research Institute. Dr. Harold Rothstein and the Chicago Research Institute both sound credible and trustworthy. Yet there is a major problem with these credentials. The Chicago Research Institute and Dr. Harold Rothstein are 100% fabricated. Advertisements for Oxyrect claim their product is the #1 bestselling male enhancement product in the world. The advertisements for Oxyrect should be #1 bestselling non-existent male enhancement product! Oxyrect demonstrates how unscrupulous people scam customers into purchasing a fake product.
  1. Crazy side effects/16. Unlisted side effects

    One of the most dangerous male enhancement product scams is the use of unsafe ingredients. The use of unsafe ingredients can cause horrible side effects. Rock-it-Man is a natural male enhancement product that claimed their formula was 100% herbal. FDA laboratory analysis found Rock-It Man contained unlisted ingredients. A potentially dangerous drug called hydroxythiohomosildenafil was one of the key ingredientsused in this 100% herbal product.  Hydroxythiohomosildenafil can cause extremely dangerous low blood pressure if taken with prescription medications containing nitrates. 
  1. Unlisted side effects

    Male enhancement products without information regarding side effects are scams. A reputable product and company will always provide information about the risk of potential side effects. NeoSizeXL is a male enhancement product that promises both a thicker and longer penis. The website for NeoSize XL fails to provide any informationregarding potential side effects. You are faced with only 2 possibilities if a product contains no information on the risk of potential side effects: no clinical trials exist or clinical trials found the product unsafe for human consumption. Needless to say both possibilities are extremely dangerous and the example product NeoSize XL is definitely a scam. 
  1. Filler ingredients

    The use of filler ingredients in the manufacture of male enhancement pills is yet another potential scam. Unethical manufactures will claim to use reputable and high quality ingredients but their products contain mostly filler ingredients. The result is a product composed of cheap fillers with a trace amount of high quality ingredients.  You can avoid this scam by reading the product’s list of active ingredients.  The ingredients are listed according to the quantity or percentage of ingredient used in product. If the important key ingredients are listed last, you are buying a filler product and being scammed. 
  1. Expired Ingredients

    A male enhancement product might list powerful and effective ingredients yet still be a scam. Not all male enhancement products contain the high quality ingredients necessary for noticeable and effective results. Manufactures will list legitimate ingredients in order to appear reputable but use low quality ingredients. The result is an ineffective product made from overly processed ingredients. It is extremely important to verify that a natural male enhancement product only contains high quality ingredients.