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How to Kiss Her Like You Mean It

by sexpillpros
When you are kissing a woman, how much do you make out of it? Did you know that most woman consider a relationship to be made or broken based on how well the man kisses her? This is completely true so if you haven’t been kissing her like you mean it, you need to do something differently from now on. You need to show her passion with each and every kiss. You need to show her that you care about her and that you want to protect her. You may not believe it but all of that and much more can be shown just by the way you kiss her. So, how can you kiss her like you mean it? Find out the best ways to do this right now!

Work Your Way Up

preview-full-Kiss-a-Girl-for-the-First-Time-On-LipsWhen you are kissing your woman, you should work your way up. What does this mean? Well, your woman has sensitive endings in her nerves from the toe to heel. Start by kissing her toes and feet if she is into that. If not start by giving her a short massage and pressing on those nerve endings before giving her action in the bedroom. These massages are going to get her heated up for the real motions of the sexual experience.

Use Your Eyes

One of the most passionate things you can do for a woman is to use your eyes. Women love to know that you are checking them out. They want to know that you are attracted to them. Give her eye contact as much as possible too. Most women love staring into a man’s eyes. If you are kissing her, gaze in her eyes for a few minutes after you have kissed her. Let her know how much kissing her means to you.


When you are kissing her, don’t make it so serious. Kissing your woman should be fun and exciting. You shouldn’t need to plan it out and it shouldn’t only be done when the two of you are leaving one another for a bit. Relaxing things when you are kissing her is the best way to go. Kiss her when she wakes up in the morning, randomly throughout the day, when she is walking down the hall and other random times too. This is going to catch her off guard and she is going to love it.

Slowing Down the Kisses

Yes, it may be fun to make out from time to time and really get the sparks flying. However, did you know that slow kisses can often be much more romantic and passionate than making out? If you didn’t know this then slow down the kisses and see how much that gets her going.

Deep Breathing

preview-full-kiss couple loveAnother thing to remember when you are kissing your woman is that you need to do deep breathing. When your breaths are shallow, you aren’t able to throw in the passion. Additionally, when you have shallow breathing while kissing her there won’t really be any intimacy there either. You need to follow the above tip of slowing down the kisses and do deep breathing while kissing her as well.

Give Her More Than You Are Getting

You are going to be kissed by her throughout the day. While it doesn’t have to be a competition and you don’t have to count exactly how many times she kisses you, keep a bit of this tracked. You should be giving her more kisses that what she is giving you. This will show her that you care about her and you want to kiss her like you mean it.


Some men just aren’t that great of kissers. They need some practice. The more you kiss her, the better you will get at it. The other thing to remember if you aren’t the best kisser, is that you can increase the passion of the kiss if you are more comfortable with her. If you don’t feel comfortable enough then start talking to her more to increase how comfortable you are. These are some of the ways you can kiss her like you mean it. If you haven’t been doing these things, make sure you start kissing her in these ways more.

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