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Improve Your Libido by Using These 5 Exercises

by Mike Stewart
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One of the lesser discussed sexual dysfunctions amongst men is low libido, also referred to as a low sexual desire or low sex drive. Even though less often mentioned as compared to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, a low libido can wreak havoc on a man’s sex life and cause him to experience a number of problems in the bedroom. Low libido has also been connected to some other types of sexual dysfunctions, as this particular sexual dysfunction may cause a man to experience symptoms associated with another sexual dysfunction – or the other way around.

Exercises to Improve Libido in Men

There are many cases where a man can achieve a stronger sexual desire when they visit a healthcare provider in search of methods to help them overcome the effects of low libido, but some of the options that can be provided by a healthcare provider may come with some risks or might cost a lot of money. There are many alternative ways in which a man can boost their libido and restore their optimal sexual function. Let’s consider some beneficial exercises that men can participate in to help them improve their libido, as well as their overall sexual performance.

1. Go for a Jog While the Sun is Out

morning runJogging is a very beneficial type of physical activity that gives the heart and the rest of the human body a good workout. According to Your Daily Workout, regularly taking a jog helps to improve endurance, reduces blood pressure, prevents heart disease, improves the immune system, and even helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Going for a jog while the sun is out will offer you additional benefits since limited sun exposure helps to stimulate hormone production. Together, all of these benefits allow an improvement in libido and also help men improve in other areas of their sexual performance.

2. Lift Some Weights

Another important type of exercise that men should consider when they are suffering from low libido is strength training, especially weightlifting. According to Livestrong, the reason why weightlifting is so important for improving libido is that this particular type of exercise has been proven to deliver a potent boost in testosterone. In turn, testosterone will help to boost a man’s sexual desire. The increase in testosterone will also help to improve erectile function and other areas of male sexual health.

3. Try Out Some Yoga Poses

A lot of men tend to think that yoga is a form of exercise for women. While there is a much larger number of women who practice yoga than men, it is important to realize that men can also obtain a lot of benefits from practicing certain yoga poses – especially when it comes to boosting libido. Did you know that particular yoga poses that help to improve libido includes the Cat/Cow Flow pose, the Bound Angle Pose, the Pigeon pose, the Eagle pose, and the Bridge Pose? Yoga is also a potent male fertility booster, thus improving a man’s ability to conceive successfully.

4. Meditation

meditating at homeWhile meditation is not a physical exercise, it is still considered a particular type of exercise that may help to ease stress levels and also boost sex drive amongst both men and women. According to She Knows, particular tricks to take into account while practicing meditation includes breathing deeply and placing a lot of focus on how you breathe. You should also hold each meditation pose for up to 30 seconds and communicate with your inner self.

5. Do Some Kegel Exercises

As a final tip to utilizing exercises for a boost in libido, we should mention that Kegel exercises are also very helpful. Even though Kegel exercises do not require physical exertion, it is an extremely helpful exercise that is able to provide a lot of benefits to a man’s sexual performance. According to MensXP, Kegel exercises are able to improve a man’s erections by causing the erection to point upward. Additionally, these exercises help to improve ejaculatory control and may also assist with improving overall erectile function. All of this may lead to an improved sexual desire amongst men who practice this activity frequently.


Male sexual health is an important topic to discuss. While erectile dysfunction is widely discussed in the modern-day, many publications fail to realize the major impact that a lack of sexual desire can have on a man’s sex life. There are many causes of a low libido amongst men, which should all be considered by a man experiencing these symptoms as treating these particular causes may often restore optimal sexual desire in a man. While some conventional approaches are available to assist a man with boosting their libido, these may come with some risks – especially when it comes to undergoing testosterone replacement therapy. Natural methods are available in order to boost libido like natural testosterone boosting supplements as Male UltraCore. In this post, we discussed some important exercises that men can participate in to help them restore their sexual desire and overcome the dreadful effects that a low libido may have on their lives.

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