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Does Image Sports Dexyfen Work?

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Dexyfen is a weight loss supplement by the company Image Sports. Like any other diet products, it promises to help users lose weight by using potent ingredients. It’s one of the many weight loss solutions the market has these days since the demand for such products continues to rise. Moreover, Dexyfen is claimed to work by inciting thermogenesis in the body. When this takes place, calories are torched more quickly and the body heat augments, which causes greater energy levels and fat elimination.

About the Company

As mentioned, Dexyfen is created by Image Sports. The said manufacturer collaborated with well-known company GNC to make the ultimate weight loss solution. While it is said that GNC is Dexyfen’s only reseller, the supplement can also be purchased from other online stores. The company Image Sports usually creates nutritional products that are for the improvement of physical and athletic functions and performance. It also produces thermogenics, testosterone-boosting supplements, and muscle-growth kits. Dexyfen, meanwhile, is a thermogenic in its capsule form.

Customer Reviews

Dexyfen has many user feedbacks on GNC. As of this writing, it has 81 testimonials. Out of these reviews, Dexyfen has gotten 3.6 stars out of 5. Around 70 percent of consumers stated they would suggest the supplement to other people. Most of the reviews also reported effectiveness of the supplement, especially when it comes to the repression of food cravings, boosting of energy, and fat loss. Dexyfen is also fast-acting, albeit it has issues when it comes to the adverse effects the supplement can trigger. Some customers reported that Dexyfen led to itchiness, flushing, and burning sensation of the skin, as well as sweating, burning sensation in the throat, moderate to serious hives, and increased heartbeat. This only means Dexyfen contains components that can cause side effects.

What are the Components?

Does Image Sports Dexyfen Work? This particular weight loss supplement has seven natural components, but even being natural doesn’t mean an ingredient is perfectly harmless. Below are the ingredients in Dexyfen’s formula: Thiamin (120 mg) – a vitamin B1 that transforms sugar into energy, generates acetylcholine, metabolize carbs, and enhance mental capacities. The suggested dosage of thiamin is 1-2 milligrams for adults, but Dexyfen has 8000% of your daily recommended allowance, which is why there are allergic reactions. Niacin (30 mg) – found in vitamin B3, it reduces cholesterol, unblocks arteries, and avoids the development of diabetes. Dexyfen has 150% of your daily recommended allowance, though this quantity is not detrimental. The components below are mixed in an exclusive blend with a total of 555 milligrams: Caffeine – a potent agent of thermogenesis, it is said that you need 100-400 mg of caffeine for you to experience maximized results. However, the said quantity may result to side effects, including sleeping problems, jitters, faster heart rate and abdominal discomfort. Oryza sativa or rice – researchers believe rice may boost thermogenesis. Mentha haplocalyx – basically, this is only a mint. It makes your breath fresher and is great for tea, but it does nothing to contribute to weight loss. Zanthoxylum piperitum – a Japanese pepper, it is claimed to boost thermogenesis, though it doesn’t contain the substance called capsaicin. Yohimbe – a known stimulant as well as a libido-increasing ingredient is present in Dexyfen. Based on studies, this component can torch fat and increase physical functions. However, yohimbe is said to also cause serious side effects, such as increased heartbeat, kidney problems, and seizures.

How Efficient and Harmless is Dexyfen?

Based on feedbacks, Dexyfen works as a weight loss solution. Since the rest of the ingredients are in a proprietary blend without their respective dosages, we’re not aware how much each of these components is present in the supplement’s formula. The inclusion of thiamin, niacin, and yohimbe may be the reason why Dexyfen causes adverse reactions.

Where to Purchase?

Does Image Sports Dexyfen Work? One bottle of Dexyfen has 56 capsules. The recommended dosage is only 1 capsule per day in the morning before eating anything. Taking more than 1 capsule can even cause more severe adverse manifestations. Dexyfen is available at GNC, as well as other online stores as listed below with respective prices. LuckyVitamin.com: $39.99 (Special promotion)Drugstore.com: $44.99GNC.com: $44.99 Dexyfen is not offered with a satisfaction guarantee on these sites, but GNC provides a limited money-back guarantee in which you can return unopened bottles within a 30-day period in order to get a refund.

Bottom Line

The customer reviews are positive, which means Dexyfen may be effective as a weight loss solution. On the other hand, users have to cautious when using the product because there have been serious side effects associated with some of the components in the supplement’s formula.

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