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How to Protect Yourself with Multiple Sex Partners

by Mike Stewart
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You are having fun sleeping with many partners at the moment but know that there are risks involved. Sure enough, you would not want to find yourself in a stressful sexual health situation in the future. So, with this kind of sexual lifestyle, practicing health safety precautions to protect you and your partners is the most responsible thing to do. There is no safe sex, as experts say, but you can do something to be protected. There are many ways to have sex safely if you are into this kind of game. Here are a few guidelines for staying safe in a non-monogamous relationship:


Know the Risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

STDs are dangerous and can be causes of other health conditions like heart disease and cancer. You may have it and not know it because sometimes it does not show symptoms. So, anyone who is sexually active must know how to protect themselves from this disease. The main ways to protect yourself are:
  • Get vaccinated
  • Know how to practice safe sex
  • Get tested regularly
Having sex with multiple partners also puts you at risk with not only STDs but also of hepatitis. As these infections are potentially fatal, you may get additional protection through immunization and screening.  Many viruses and bacteria that cause STDs can enter your bloodstream through promiscuous sex. You may discuss all of these things with a health care provider.  

Consult a Health Care Provider

Because of the stigma in society, some individuals are hesitant to consult health care providers. But to get adequate and proper care, it is essential to find a provider that you can trust. It is also crucial that you discuss with your provider honestly your history, including your sexual practices. It is also vital to inform your provider of possible exposure. If you think you may have recent exposure to unsafe sex with a potential STD, ask your doctor about immediate medications for this. You may be prescribed pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to ensure safer sex if you are to continue having sex with multiple partners. Being in a non-monogamous relationship also has mental health consequences. These issues may be associated with the many risks of having a promiscuous lifestyle. It may include anxiety and depression too, so it is advisable to consult with a mental health provider as well.  

Get Tested Regularly and Appropriately

STD Test Being in a non-monogamous relationship requires more frequent and appropriate testing. Some providers, however, would not recommend this as they may get false-positive results if tested too often. But if you feel that your risk is higher, it is crucial to consult with your provider for proper assessment.  Be open to discussing with your provider or doctor your kind of lifestyle and work out a health plan.   

Practice Safer Sex

If you are in an open relationship, there are still several ways to protect yourself from STDs. Here are some options to consider:

Choose your sexual partners

Because you are in a multiple or open relationship, it will be hard to discuss the history of sexually transmitted infections with your partner. Difficult as it may be, try to talk honestly with potential partners about both your sexual preferences, your past, and your current sexual lifestyle.  Every new partner brings a different history of sexual encounters and potential infections, so be smart about your choices. The key is to have an open conversation with your partner before jumping on to having sex with them.   

Colorful Condoms

Use Condoms

Condoms don’t guarantee 100% protection from sexually transmitted infections, but you should not take the risk of not using one. Condoms and other sex barriers protect from the exchange of bodily fluids.  Do not let one risky behavior lead to another. Use a latex condom all the time. You may also use gloves if you are engaging in manual penetration. And of course, know the proper ways to use a condom.

Here are some safety tips:

  •  Check expiration date
  •  Wear a condom during the whole sexual act
  •  Never reuse a condom

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Any of these two are a dangerous combination, more so if you just met your partner. The use of drugs or even alcohol may also put you in a riskier situation. You may less likely be able to use a condom if you are high on drugs or intoxicated.

Proper Diet and Exercise

You must also consider proper fitness when engaging in multiple partners. Along with the right diet and exercise, you may take health supplements for sexually active men like you. Male Ultracore is made from natural herbs and is complete with the nutrients essential for performing better in bed.  There is no right way to express love or desire through sex. While having multiple partners may work for you, it may not work for others. It is just a matter of preference and respect for each one’s personal preference.  Each year, millions of sexually active individuals are tested positive for HIV or STDs. Having multiple partners do not mean you should add to this count. It just simply means that you should be extra careful before deciding to jump into sex with multiple partners.    

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