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How to Last Longer in Bed

by Mike Stewart
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The question of how to last longer in bed has been debatable for a few years now. This is because most men reach out for an online resource to get an idea about this topic. Studies show that men reportedly answered 1 to 2 minutes when they were asked how long they last in bed. However, this might do with the perception of men about sex. For most, sex might be defined as the actual intercourse where the penis enters the vagina. However, sex may also be defined as an act of sexual pleasure. This includes the whole process of sex from start to finish. Starting off with foreplay and doing the grand finish with the powerful orgasm that you and your partner could reach. However, there are problems during the actual entering of the penis to the vagina that might be linked with medical problems such as premature ejaculation. This somehow a sensitive topic that most men avert to talk about in groups and would prefer to ask in online forums where nobody will know them. The question of how to last longer in bed will always be there. So to answer this, here are some tips to make the steamy moment last:   sex on the floorStart with foreplay Foreplay is a sexual act between two people that sets the mood and arousal. This is typically done by teasing through words or acts anything that could stimulate the mind to go wild and dirty. This first stage starts with touching that progresses to kissing from top to bottom until you reach the female genitals working your tongue down there. After your work is done you can also let her work down your penis. In this way, you are lengthening the excitement and intensifying the arousal which can lead to a stronger orgasm. Remember, patience is always a virtue so savor each other first before finishing the deed.   Train yourself with exercise kegelJust like training your muscles to do workouts and get into shape, you can also train your body for a hot longer sex. You may do so by using Kegel’s exercise and practicing to masturbate at least once a day. Kegel’s exercise involves strengthening your pelvic floor muscles to help you regulate the ejaculatory process. This exercise imitates when the control you are doing when you are stopping yourself from peeing. The muscles somehow flex or constrict stopping the pee – this is the same mechanism that will help you to delay the ejaculation. Do this every day until your muscles get used to it, trying to increase the difficulty level as you go by.   Try different positions  If you only use one position while having sex, it might get too boring and your body might get too used to it. Try more positions where you can explore each other’s love language. Through this way, you won’t be bored because if you are, your genitals might show it and finish the job faster than it used to be. There are also some sex positions that can help with premature ejaculation. Try a more tiring position so your brain will be more focused on balance and away from the thought of ejaculating. Switching positions while doing the deed can also help your body sense the signal of pausing thereby causing a halt on your impending sweet explosion.   Find ways Try to find ways to satisfy your partner. If you think that you are about to come, try to pause it and focus on how to make her come first or how you will both come together. However, if you ejaculated before her, try to satisfy her in some other ways like using other instruments such as your finger, mouth, tongue, or sex toy. You may also do it altogether to please her more. This will not only make her reach orgasm but this will also boost your confidence in yourself.   Reach out for support When reaching out for support, this simply means that you will utilize for other supporting things that can help you last longer in bed. Some examples of these are desensitizing condoms, performance enhancers (i.e testosterone boosters such as male ultracore), desensitizing wipes, and other supplements. There are a lot of ways to make yourself last longer in bed but the things mentioned above are tested and proven examples. One more tip to make the lovemaking longer – forget the doubt and enjoy every moment. This is supposed to be an intimate moment between you and your partner so try to be more confident and communicate your needs and doubts to her.      

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