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Woman With Sperm Allergy

        You may have found the person of your dreams. They have just the right amount of intelligence, charm, adventurousness, humor, and looks to satisfy every appetite you may have. The two of you are two sides of the same coin, you’re sure of it. And so is your partner. That is until you have sexual relations and your partner begins to swell, develop a rash, and tell you of a terrible burning sensation.

        Yes, it is true, your partner, while perfect for you in every other way, is sexually allergic to you.

        In addition to the immediate consequences of a sexual allergy, your partner may experience shedding skin, agony, and pain that lingers for days. What happened? Is a sex allergy real?

        Yes, sex allergies are very real and they can be difficult to handle in a relationship. Often affecting women, human seminal plasma hypersensitivity, also known as a sperm allergy, is rare. This condition affects nearly 40,000 American women’s ability to handle the proteins in semen and results in an allergic reaction.

        Interestingly enough, sperm allergies are not a constant phenomenon. They may show when the woman first has sex, after she has had other partners and experienced sexual relation normally, come and go depending on the partner, or begin when she is with a longtime partner. The onset and cause of a sperm allergy can be quite random and frustrating.


Symptoms Of Sperm AllergyThere are many symptoms that point to a sex allergy, including swelling, wheezing, hives, itching, vaginal burning, vomiting, chest tightness, blistering, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, and complete loss of the circulatory system.

Other symptoms such as sweating and heavy breathing may be difficult to recognize as an allergic reaction during sexual relations as these bodily reactions are common.

Like other allergies, there is a wide array of reactions that range from mild to very severe.


Yes. Some men, such as Richard Branson, are allergic to their own semen. After ejaculation, they may be affected by many of the symptoms of an allergy. They may get a painful rash, as Branson did, that may not heal for weeks. This can reduce a lot of the desire for sexual relations, but does not have to stop the activities altogether.


Yes, it can. Other conditions that may be diagnosed in your partner is vaginitis (inflamed vagina), a sexually-transmitted diseased (STD), the flu, or a yeast infection.


While the trigger for a sperm allergy can be varied, for women this often occurs when her antibodies (used to fight foreign substances), attach to the walls of her vagina. This happens after the man’s sperm and its associated plasma enters her. These antibodies create an allergic reaction within her body.

When the woman’s body creates antibodies against the man’s semen, this leads to a worsening allergic reaction as exposure increases. Her allergy progresses in three stages and so, sex with this man can be very unpleasant for her, at times. The allergic reaction may become severe over a few months, the next time the woman and man have sexual relations, or may become dormant in the women’s body and flare again at a later time.


Condoms AllergyFor some people who have an allergic reaction, condoms may help them enjoy sexual relations with their partner, though this is not helpful if they are also allergic to latex. While latex has the best protection against STDs and pregnancies, you may try other condoms as there are a variety of materials that are used for condoms now.

Another method used to help those who are allergic to their partner’s semen is desensitization. This involves extensive testing to determine which of the man’s proteins causes the allergic reaction. After this protein is determined, the man’s purified semen proteins are injected into a series of injected that are 15 to 20 minutes apart.

The entire procedure lasts from two to three hours. In order to ensure this procedure is successful, the couple must have sex within 12 hours. Per their doctor’s orders, the couples must have sex a couple of times every week in order to ensure the procedure remains effective. In fact, the more sex the couple has, the better results they will experience.

A sperm allergy can be frustrating for a couple’s relationship. It can delay the conception of children as that requires unprotected sex, may lower the couple’s ability to fully bond in the physical realm, and can add a lot of tension to their relationship as they avoid sexual relations or approach them carefully.

Pertaining to conception, a couple may try in vitro fertilization or adoption to counteract the sperm allergy. This may not give the partner the same satisfaction of having her own child or siring his own child directly, but it can lead to offspring.

Unfortunately for Branson and his wife, there was no help that could be found. They still struggle every day to enjoy each others company even though Branson went through a circumcision to get relief.

This condition may not be the end of a relationship as it could strengthen the bond between you and your partner. When the woman or man is in pain, it can give the partner time to care for them and show them just how much they appreciate their willingness to suffer an allergic reaction to enjoy the company of their partner.

        Allergies are frustrating even when they are not related to sexual relations. Some cause mild reactions while others may lead to anaphylaxis. For these people and those who have a sperm allergy, adjustments to their lives must be made to ensure their happiness.

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