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Your Guide to Erection Protection

by sexpillpros

Your member is your manhood. No matter how much we want to separate our personalities from our penises, men are tied to their pride and joy. While this may be the case, we spend more time flailing it around than actually looking after it. Using it might be one thing, but what are you routinely doing to make sure you take care of it. Protecting your erection is vital for your health and taking precautions to ensure everything is functioning properly can prevent mishaps, embarrassments, and health issues later.

1. Regular STD check-ups

preview-full-shutterstock_379747825While you may think you are keeping yourself safe, it is important to go for STD check ups. Yes, you may be in a long term relationship, but you don’t want to be caught short by an infidelity on her part that leaves you with chlamydia later. Equally, while you may use a condom for intercourse, do you always use one for foreplay? STDs can be transferred by contact and by mouth in some cases, so it is integral to check up on this. Not only will it be embarrassing to have to tell past and possibly future lovers about your STD, some, such as herpes, can also cause erectile dysfunction and infertility.

 2. Quite Smoking

preview-full-Screenshot_2If you’re worried about erectile dysfunction, you need to stop smoking immediately. This is one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to contract. By contracting, less blood is able to get around the body. This lack of efficient circulation will mean that less blood gets to the extremities, which means that when the body wants an erection, blood cannot get to the penis.

 3. Regular Exercises

As smoking can contract the blood vessels, exercise does the opposite. It opens up the body vessels and allows blood to pump more freely through the body, which actually widens the blood cells. This is because the body produces more nitric oxide. You could also take a supplement to have a similar effect. This extra push for the circulation helps to get the blood into your penis for a healthy erection.

 4. Cut Down on Sugar

Type 2 Diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. This is because diabetes can cause damage to the nerves which help you to experience sexual pleasure. With damage to these nerves, the penis does not receive the electrical impulses which arouse the brain, sending blood to the penis. Without this arousal and blood supply, the penis will not become erect.

5. Reduce Stress

Most men have experienced performance anxiety in their time where an erection doesn’t come because you are too nervous. If you have a lot of stress in your life from your job or other factors, this will also contribute to you not being able to get an erection. You need to think about how to create a more calm environment in your life where you can relax. When you are stressed, the body releases cortisol which causes everything to tense including the blood vessels, stopping the blood flow.

You can always try eating some libido boosting foods like ginger and ginseng, or serve up a plate of oysters beforehand. Either way, eating a healthy diet and cutting back on booze and cigarettes will help every organ to function more effectively, including your pleasure one! Be careful, because erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign of low testosterone. If you have found that you are losing hair, muscle mass, and gaining fat, speak to your doctor about this as it could be an underlying drop in testosterone levels that’s causing these symptoms.

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